KYC, Yes or No, (my thoughts)

After a couple of days thinking about and giving my mind to understand the next step, KYC, and the implications that may or may not deny the decentralized crypto currency idea I would like to share these thoughts and facts. (short video added with this text). Let me say: “The main goal of the company is to make money, and the government’s goal is to take a good part of that money and give it to others.” “What we think we own actually possesses us.” Why am I saying this? When you believe in something and give your whole being to that belief, you go towards the goal by walking on a tightly defined path and the journey looks crystal clear, suddenly an unlucky traveler says that that way is better, faster or MUST be started on that route your journey then loses that originally your belief, what you believed you owned for a second. Decentralized way of life, the dream of Satoši Nakamoto is the beginning of this journey that we need, real and unshakable believers in the crypto to continue. If we go another way: “What we think we possess actually owns us.” KYC, great. Is that an unlucky traveler who says, “Go along this route and take us to the wrong trip.” I really have to believe it is not. Why is all this happening? I beg you to take a look at this video And allow me more … Had HSBC been a case of state, it would be the fifth economic force in the world. Founded in the golden age of opium trade, and since then, it has created a unique network of financial fraud around the world. From tax evasion through money laundering to the mafia to manipulating currencies. This bank has done all the bad things a bank can do. Money laundering for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels. And are they alone? No, they are not alone in it or they are the only one. Regulators, Governments, how pathetic. They say crypto is devising new things that will destabilize the way of life and jeopardize the economy. Money laundering through Crypto currency? How spoiled and selfish. Does anyone smart and with pure conscience really believe it? But I can tell them to think whatever they want, the crypto currency goes in their own way and we, real travelers, who really believe in the crypto will not turn from their planned path. Allow me to get back to the start, KYC? I agree. But it MUST be just another bridge on our journey that we have to go to and reach our ultimate goal. Decentralized Crypto Currency. And nothing more.