KYC, who controls it ? Who Monitors it?


I read KYC was part of the Patriot Act and thus after 911 was taken up around the world as a standard. So is this the Banking Class trying to grab part of the Crypto action by the back door ?

Thanks for all the input in advance …


ETN ltd is fintech not a bank.
Every cooporates and fintechs do kyc in some shape or form, this isnt anything new and has nothing to do with banking. When it comes to dealing with money its more important do do kyc. Avoiding money laundaring is very important to the goverments.


Yeah, its the way forward for us, just wondering down the road, how the rules will change or alter. Say 10years from now. Wondering who the steering committee or the overseers are to this KYC thingy. As i can find nothing out there to pinpoint, where it started and who started it.