KYC Video Update


We’re extending our KYC deadline. We want to ensure that everyone has the chance to complete it before we formally launch, so we’re extending the completion deadline to the end of the year.

Rich explains more in this video:

If you have any queries, please let us know below.

What will happen if you are not KYC after the 10th November

Great work guys I think these video updates put alot of people to ease, hoping to see some promotional videos soon so I can share with friends and get them onboard with the project.


Bad for the price in short term, but great in the long term. Buying more after seeing how the market reacts. :+1::moneybag:


It is extended till end of Dec 2018?


Well that just plummeted the coin price, looks like all the speculators have taken their money elsewhere.


No date was given it will just be done by the end of the year basically


It means till end of Dec. 2018, withdrawal can be done without any limitation, doesn’t it?