KYC Update Vol.1


Yeah I think my level 3 took over 7 days to come through.


I feel peace of mind whenever watching your videos, Richard!:heart_eyes:


I submitted my information along with accepted supporting documentation in jpg format for kyc level 2 two days ago. It doesn’t even show whether or not they were received so I dont know if my level 2 kyc is pending because they are reviewing my documentation nor do I know if they even received them. What should I do, I submitted my documents twice already. Please help.


How and where did you submit your documentation for level 2?


How and where did you submit your documentation for level 2? Kindly elaborate pls…


level 1 was easy.
LEVEL 2? Not sure if it’s working or not?
When I submitted my uploaded bank statement for LEVEL 2 there is no confirmation on the page.
DO we just assume it’s working and wait for the confirmation email?

A message telling us what to do after we press that submit button button for LEVEL 2 would be awesome?
Anyone got any helpful info on LEVEL 2 Confirmation?


You were able to upload your bank statement after yoti approved your uploaded passport or driving license?


Go to the electronium web site log in. click settings on the left next click your profile. follow easy ETN instructions. That is it your in.


Hey @Crypto_Watchman on your ETN wallet online you can see behind level 1 or level 2 and 3 a little green V if it’s completed and you are approved :wink:


Yes they can improve it. To have less support tickets. Some confirmation email like in eshop after purchase :
“Thanks for your documentation and wait about 1-5 working days to approve. You will receive confirmation email that the process was DONE.” :slight_smile:


Yoti does not accept my country documents yet so how can i pass KYC? Even ETN support does not help me and only forwarded me to the community… Any one van help me please?


Yeah I had a KYC/YOTI query and the ETN Service Desk was unhelpful too. :frowning: These issues will slow down user uptake and strand holders ETN!

#53 it says 12 november 2019. Next year. We have much time :smile::smile:


I wrote also to admins to confirm the date. Because the official expiration day is 2018, but article says 2019


It’s there bad thing that still have a lot of posts about kyc but haven’t service for it prepared. Here I mean yoti issues that some county is not supported and some have only passport option.
Second bad thing is that our support have only about 5 members and they are not possible to scope with so big amount of support ticket…And approving aditional required documents…
Solution find another way how to fast process and 2nd hire more stuff some volunteers from the community… Or idk why I need 1st verify at yoti and than again show something to the team. And if I give them something they need to inform me that they received my documents and write me time-frame when it will be done. Approved.


I agree with you. I think they are doing the best they can, but i don’t know if they are workers or volunteers of electroneum corp. But in effect, they must speed up operations… I’ve realized also that i’ve sent wrong documents, and i must wait many days before they refuse my request…


What is your problem dear Ali
Firstly, you should go to your wallet…setting…your profile and write your name down ans your country too (Iran, I think)
Then download YOTI app on your phone and make a profile on YOTI.
For uploading documents on YOTI you should send a ticket to to approve doing KYC level 1 then upload on
Consider if you want to transfer or hold more than 150€ worths to ETN you have to pass level 2, otherwise level 1 is enough!


Thanks for your answer. I passed all steps till send ticket to but they forward me to the community and closed my ticket without any more description! The problem is that I have not their support!


Yes, you’re tight!
Since 2 days ago, they have referred all tickets to here and close them!
I think they do this for traffic of tickets and will back as soon as possible to the tickets!


I don’t think so. They could hold the tickets instead of closing them! :expressionless: