KYC Update Vol.1


Still unsure about what KYC is and what it means for the community? In our latest video update, Richard Ells goes into some of the questions raised by the community regarding KYC and how we plan to meet these challenges. #KYC #FinancialInclusion #Enablement

See our clip here:


Wow great relief. This shows the team is listening guys. Relax everyone, mr Richard knows what he’s doing.


Good, keep it up etn team.


Yes he’s the best man


Im liking these short video updates form Richard himself makes it feel like they are on the ball nice work guys :slight_smile:


looks like amazing…etn team is on track to excel in the mission…


Brilliant! Thanks very much for this.

Really shows that you guys are really on the ball and right on the button when anything arrises! ETN full steam ahead :smiley:


A much needed reply! Upvoting!


I am a new zealand citizen living and working in South Korea. On yoti for the address proof, when I select Korea, it only asks for a passport to prove my address. I can’t do that since I have a New Zealand Passport. Also, I cannot scan for level 2 KYC on the etn online web wallet unless i provide my address details on Yoti. So I provided my new zealand address on yoti but then submitted my korean address details (with documents) on the online web wallet site. Will this be ok?


Thanks for posting the video here @Rachel he did a great job on the video again it explains a lot to us :sunglasses: :+1:


Lol keep up the good work ETN team, we are with you guys no matter what !


Great Work!! Thanks for the Update!


Keep up the fantastic work Rich and makes us all rich :grinning:


Always nice to see Richard assuring the community.




Haha @s7ryker :yum: :yum:


Yea, I definitely feel a lot more at ease after that video. No one left behind!


Yeahh I got Level 2 KYC today!! going for level 3 now!


Perfect! Thank you for the update :smile:


thanks a lot Richard and ETN team… you are all so amazing!! job well done, a true people with sympathy, in words and in action :sunglasses::point_up_2::+1: