KYC: Title, Employer, Tax number


Do you need to have a Title, Employer and Tax number? My yoti is linked to my etn with no problems. That is the only section I have not done. Do I need to do it because I don’t have a tax number but I am a manager at my place of employment. Can someone please shed some insight on this section.


I am here in the USA and just put Social Security Number and it was accepted. Not sure if you are a US citizens or not but if you are SS# will work.


Anyone know why they need employer information and ssn? Why isn’t import of yoti profile sufficient?


Just like a bank requires this information so does Electroneum.


Not one exchange I have kycd with had asked for this. Are you saying that their kyc is not good enough?


I think the more secure they want to be about KYC the more they should ask in order to provide as much information about someone if certain partnerships or Governments and such ask for it then they can provide it and exchanges doesn’t really need your information yet unless Governments and regulations will come and tell them to have a better KYC if they have one already or to start on one else they could shut them down in the future not saying that its going to happen or that i agree with those things but thats what the Government wants to see where the money goes and if people pay their taxes and not evade them or launder money and all that i still don’t think its a bad thing that you give your information on social media and such you do it also why not give it to something you invest in unless you are doing something shady :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking:


I have never given my social security number to any social media platform so that’s a terrible comparison. They have my image…ID…address. what more information do they need to verify my identity?


Yes I’m in the US (Los Angeles) did you also have to provide utilitie bill and stuff? Or just title, employer and tax number in or case ssn?


YOTI sucks I uploaded my Passport just fine but it seems to have problems with my Drivers license I uploaded it like 8 times. I scan the code on the ETN Site and it tells me that I am at level 1 now. With the documentation that I provided I should be at Level 3.


The only thing i got a problem with is i uploaded my ID perfectly fine but when i fill in my adres and verify it somehow it just doesn’t wanna take it while that is my adres lol so i don’t know what i gotta tell Yoti but im not going to move in order to get approved :sweat_smile::yum:


It takes over night to get the address verified at least when I went in today they had mine.


ah ok i guess ill just be patient and see then thanks @Tanwax :+1:


But on the ETN site it says I can only buy and deposit and I have a bag of the ETN coins seems like they are locking me out of my account for no reason… Fix this please Richard and team.


I also installed the new mobile app


I saw somewhere that you gotta close the app and reopen it if its not showing up did you try that @Tanwax ?


Go to the ETN Site and attempt to use YOTI they only take your picture from YOTI


Is your current Addy the same as driver license? I didn’t have to input address. When I scanned it everything auto filled.


@Deedigital Everything is autofilled however if i scan it on the website it says that i still need to verify adres but when i do that sadly it doesn’t work :neutral_face:


If verified in yoti, I just scanned qr code and it brought everything over. I’m all verified except the title, employer and tax number section cause I didn’t know what that meant until I was told to use ssn which I will do once I get home.


Not even my bank asks for a Tax ID.
It does ask for my employer but I’d think that would be required if you ever need a loan…