KYC tier 2 issue


Hi everyone,

We’re aware that some people are having issues completing their KYC.

My development team are looking into this issue and should have a solution soon.

Please do not raise a support ticket as this will not speed up the process.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Rachel - ETN Team


Hello, I am Valon from Kosovo. I have been verified as level 2, my documents were approved about 24 hours ago. The problem is i can not go through options on my account. I cant view my balance, i dont see the Yoti QR code, i can not withdraw or deposit ETN in my wallet.

I wonder how long it takes for it to be shown that u are verified in level 2 and also that allows u to see your balance?


Yeah, I have the same issue, they’ll probably fix it soon.


@Rachel It’s been now more than 4-5 days and issue still not solved ?
How much more time need to wait?


Are you using a VPN? @d604d82c5d9fb9d47816 @TheDamir @19149bcf7a876091bf4c


No sir, i use 3g, home wirless, LAN at work and so on… i dont know i dont understand what is going on…u think u can help? They confirmed my id accepted and level 2 but in wallet it doesnt show it…


Neither do I use VPN, but I live in another country now, so they might think that I’m using VPN, but I’m not.


For Level 3 of KYC you request a salary slip from my employer. Please explain me why this is necessary - it has nothing to do with my personality. According to my understanding and the understanding of my lawyer this information is subject to data privacy. I have no problem to send my salary slip but not with the numbers of my salary. A salary slip with numbers is only necessary if you borrow me money. I make an investment, nothing more and I don’t have to pay you.
Please explain.


All numbers must be visible, because that is part of the guidelines for our KYC/AML. You must upload the relevant documents with amounts visible.


Please let me know according to which law this requirement is covered. How do you assure the data privacy in this case? For my understanding this is a requirement for ETN but it’s not a law according international rules.


We are being regulated, and part of regulation is KYC, so if you want to complete tier 3 then you must send in the correct document.


Does anyone have any updates regarding this issue?


The team is still working to figure out the issue, thank you for your patience. A couple of us community members are also trying to trouble shoot the issue but are still unsure the issue. Have you cleared your cookies and tried again?

Please elaborate on issue you’re experiencing.
On your Electroneum online account in settings on your kyc page you do not have a QR code for Yoti?

Are you on basic Yoti?

Have you completed lvl 1 kyc on both Yoti and electroneum site?

@TheDamir @d604d82c5d9fb9d47816 @19149bcf7a876091bf4c


My level 2 of KYC is done… its cleared… i got to take one document for level 3… no i havent done nothing to yoti because it doesnt let me.scan any other id…


I haven’t comoleted kyc lvl 1 on yoti but I have completed on electroneum and I got the email from electroneum that I have successfully completed lvl 2 but on my account it only says I completed level 1 and that page is frozen I cannot opem any other page on my account and I can’t find yoti QR code.


Have you been switched to basic? @TheDamir @d604d82c5d9fb9d47816


But I don’t know what I should put as the Job title since I’m currently on my studies and I haven’t got a full time job yet