KYC Registration on 2nd level

Dear Team,
I have submitted my Passport for 2nd level of KYC from website and i got an email from Electroneum that my identity is approved, but i can’t see word complete on website so after that i have registered YOTI from phone and put all my details and completed registration, after that i open the website from pc and i tried to go into settings but it is not opening the setting page. i tries on same thing from another PC but it is not going into setting page, what to do now how i will scan the QR code?

Is settings page loading for you now?

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@Rach and @cuddlesquid It is loading but not opning the setting page and again it goes on the same page… i already cleared the cache but nothing happen, the website is not working properly, i have no access to my wallet and i have 3118.5 coins in it, give me solution please, see the screen shot

You got something done? I have the same problem.

You’re suppose to use QR code on Electroneum page to link to yoti and create your yoti account once linked. Have you linked yoti and Electroneum account yet? Or did you completed yoti separate and never linked with Electroneum?

@Djon @Anas

We might have to report this to the support team.

The problem is that I can not see the qr code on the page

I’m not seeing anything else on this page.

Already did complaint on support and i got this answer form @Rach

Hi Syed Muhammad Anas Bin Fahim,

Thanks for getting in contact.

Please forward all KYC queries to here: KYC and AML FAQs

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the problem is not resolved yet…

Got it, so with that, simply go to KYC and AML FAQs and create a replay with the issue,…

Issue: KYC level 2 import function missing and/or blank

Only other suggestion I can make is trying a different browser to see if this would solve settings not showing up.