KYC non-compliance impact



What will be the impact on my account if I do not complete KYC when it will be enforced. Also, what will happen if a user hold multiple accounts?


If you do not complete KYC, then your account will be restricted until you do.

You need to close the other accounts, and use one main account or you run the risk of getting blocked.


@Rachel what do mean by restricted?


You won’t be able to do anything with your ETN without doing KYC.


wont even be able to transact for less then 150 pounds?


You need to do at least level 1.


If you think you are going to have any issues with the KYC, transfer your ETN to a paperwallet or use the electroenum CLI until you sort out your KYC then you can transfer it back.


better route would be to get your KYC sorted first though :wink:


Thanks Rachel, Now the question is how do you close the other accounts?
I can not find any info on that. I have 2 that I need to close and have moved most of the etn to the primary other than the 5 etn required to be held for transfer on the block chain.
Also can not use YOTI for KYC as they will not accept South Australian Drivers Licenses as Evidence.


I know ETN don’t have much choice in the matter if they want to carry on doing what they are doing, but sometimes these things seem to be invented by people who think everyone is like them.


You will need to contact support ( and we can close the account for you, as long as there are no funds in the account. You also need to provide your phone number and recovery email.