Kyc new update easier to use

Latest tweet about kyc they have an update to make it easier !!!

Got to love this team

Chris_TProfessor, thanks for sharing!

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Whats happend? Have someone own experience? Test the news itself? Write to us…

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Passed mine no issues but I hope this solves other peoples kyc problems out

Ahh this is fantastic news, I truly hope this new solution works for my to get to level 2 KYC finally. If it does I will report back to this thread and let you all know. Here’s hoping it works for all of us stuck at this level. Thank you for sharing @Plankton_ETN , it’s much appreciated. I just got on Twitter a few moments ago so I haven’t seen this yet.

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No problems , I’m happy the team is still plodding away and getting :poop: done. For all of us . It shows dedication

People say great news - but where is the details of how they have made KYC easier ?

Personally I’m not spending another 10 hours going through all that KYC shambles again at the risk of another refusal and time wasted.

I support ETN 100% but this process should have been streamlined (for everyone) long ago.

I’ve been forced into making other arrangements which I don’t thank ETN team for.

Aside from a time sink, it’s a little bit stressful also.

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