KYC Moved from RO to UK

Hello everyone i have opened my account in romania and my etn wallet, after a while life took me to uk i am here working and studying aswell, i have invested a bit last month and i want to cash in because i can really use the money now, my question is as following
at the first kyc i have sent my romanian ID alongside with romanian adress and photo of me holding,
now that step 2 is asking for documentation to support that, while i am in the uk i have no ties anymore back home, no accounts whatsoever nothing, i live and work here now, could you please help ? i tried to send passport first but they rejected it! so i thought that i need to send something from the time i created my acc

i feel like it shouldn’t be like this i wanted to cash out when it was 0.04 and still i havent received an answer, why does it takes that long and why is it not done before depositing

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