KYC - Level 3: Source of Funds Document

Hi there,

I’m miner (not mobile miner) and I’m storing ETN using offline wallet (worth more than €150).
So I don’t know what should I upload at the ‘Source of Funds Document’ section.

Do you really need level 3 if its just mining coins?

Not sure what you would need… but as a guess perhaps use bank statement to show your purchasing of the miners?

You must have funded 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of $ to purchase enough ASICS to need over 10k in 3 months from mining… show how you funded that.

I have mined them long time ago using GPUs. It’s not worth more than 10k, but definitely more than €150.

Level 2 covers up to 10,000 euro. You only need Level 3 for Over 10k.

Level 2 requires an ID document (put into my.electroneum wallet site) and Basic Yoti (supporting document).

See the FAQs for details.

If someone will do only KYC level 1 and in time will have 100€/month in ETN if price grow, can it send/spend 50€ or lower/month/ETN without doing kyc level 2?