KYC level 3 issue needs answer

I still have yet to find a solution or answer to my problem with passing level 3.
I am a housewife. My source of funds comes from my husband.
My husband works and I tend to my special needs daughter. I submitted my bank statement that is a Joint account. I do the investing. I’m into the cryptos. Not him. And I have a substantial amount of ETN that one day I hope to cash in…
Even though it met all requirements- My bank statment was denied. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Now I ask you…WHAT can I do to meet level 3 standards? I’m perplexed and need a answer to this issue please.

@Rach can you help . Thanks

Please submit the following documents;

  1. Bank statement of your husband
  2. Letter from your husband stating he is supporting you
  3. Your Bank statement

Hope this resolves your issue

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Thank you! I hope this works!!