Kyc level 3 help


For Kyc level 3 I gave a letter from my employer. I got a email saying that I was denied because I submitted proof by way of a document that they don’t accept. So I submitted a support ticket saying that I don’t have a bank account and I do odd jobs for a girl as self employed. And I read about level 3 and it does say that you can use a letter from employer. So they don’t even follow their own rules. Just got a email saying the ticket was closed and that I should resolve the issue on this forum. How does that even make sense?


@Rachel is there anyway you can help me with this? Because I need to get my level 3 done.


Your account is only required to do level 1.


Thank you for responding. I really appreciate it. I know it is only required to be level 1. But I wanted to complete all levels so I can transfer my coins from my paper wallet to my online wallet and still be able to use any amount of them I want to, no matter what price electroneum may reach in the future. Because I have 100,000 coins. I already completed level 2 and just need help with level 3. Is there any way I could share the letter from my employer with you and maybe you could help with it?


You only need to do the level you are required to do right now. The document you sent in is not sufficient enough to grant you level 3.


OK thankyou. I will open a bank account then and submit that. Probably the easiest way. Thankyou for your help :slight_smile:


I have the same problem, but my bank statement wasn’t accepted. I have my coins on a paper wallet also, but I want to ensure I will be able to transfer them to my online wallet, I need level 3.
How can I solve this problem?


I haven’t solved this yet. I think I’m going to switch from paper wallet to cli wallet. Have you considered doing that route?