KYC level 3 doesnt work


Ok i am going round in circles…Service desk wont read and respond to me , they just say come here…last post here, no response, so here I go again!
I am self employed, living in UK done level 2 fine , but every time i give a bank statement its rejected with no reason why . At this rate i will slowly with draw all my ETN and hold it in a paper wallet on an exchange…
my bank statement is within the last 3 months and has my name and address onti…So why is it being rejected?
PLEASE help me get this resolved



If you’re self employed then I should imagine it’ll be pretty tricky to provide them with a PAYSLIP, or P60.
I think it’s that type of document they need, to prove, proof of earnings, not a bank statement.



one of the 3 listed options of documentation are Bank statement, and they dont respond on the help desk, they just send one here…If they dont accept bank statements, then dont ask for them…And sorry bur WTF… so self employed people arent allowed to invest in ETN? and having a salary doesnt mean anything when it comes to anti money laundering etc… My money came from capital from my last home…its nothing to do with salary…They need to provide a phone line for people like me that dont fit into the norms… KYC is a joke…it doesnt actually prove anything except giving private information to a company

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is bank statement a picture or pdf ? I think it has to be a picture (jpg or png)



I’m self employed and had no problem getting my bank statement accepted for level 3.



a j.peg has been refused



I’m sorry to hear that :cry:
Don’t use a screen capture and don’t take a picture of your monitor



it was a picture from my phone

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I’m just a regular forum member trying to help here.
I finished KYC 3 months ago (I’m self employed as you) taking a photo of a .pdf printout.

I went through the KYC guide again and found they do accept scans of your bank statement in case your phone-picture is hard to read.

Perhaps @Rach could help?



thanks, yep i can try a scan , the photo is VERY clear mind you, so i dont really see that being the reason its been declined…Thanks for trying…Perhaps a ETN staff could help…

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Hey there, i’ve spoken to support and they have suggested a few ideas that may assist you. 1. Is your bank statement personal or business oriented?- if you are freelance, your KYC bank statement needs to be PERSONAL not business oriented (not invoices etc.) 2. Are all your details filled out correctly according to our KYC forum recommendation pages. Let me know if either of these apply to you.
Kind regards, Imogen D.



Thanks for help…Yes i showed my personal bank statement, not my business bank statement and on the statement it showed balance and name and address, account number and sort cosde and was a j.peg…what else might be needed?

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Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, can you submit another ticket with all your information and send me the ticket number so that i can get support to look into this further and track it my end? Or if applicable, send me any open ticket number you may have regarding this issue and we’ll see if we can get this sorted for you.

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I love the Electroneum project but the one thing I hate is KYC. It may remove a barrier to entry for partnerships (that benefit is yet to be commercialised hence the price) but has been a big problem for massive adoption so far (so many issues people have raised around the world and the time it takes). It is also a tool for control by governments and their agencies. And they suck big time.



yes i will…all tickets ive submitted just get ended instantaneously and same response, as in come here…
CS-26901, the whole link wasnt allowed



Bee has been dealing with my declined bank statements and just referring me to here each time, now she asked fo my phone and e.mail, but nothing since… Can you get on her case please if you have access.
thanks for your help Imogen



Good morning! I’ve spoken with Bee and she should be responding to your ticket shortly- if you could check your support ticket, that would be great!

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