KYC Level 2 Problems


To keep it short; I’m unable to access my account before completing the Level 2 identification (possibly required to do Level 3 as well?) and I don’t have any bills in my name, nor do I receive any Government statements or state pensions. According to this FAQ, I would be able to use my ID as supporting document instead. So I’ve uploaded the front and back of my national ID (which is the only Government issued document that has my name and current address), but it has been rejected. What am I supposed to do now? Getting a passport isn’t an option for me and I’m unemployed, hence I don’t need a bank account. When I submitted a support ticket I’ve been redirected to the KYC and AML FAQs post.


It could be that the ID has no photo.

Do you have funds in the account you are now unable to access?


My ID is a plastic card, has a photo and is valid till 2023.

There are no funds in the account, since I’ve just signed up. After I’ve completed the Level 1 verification, it prompted me to do Level 2 as well.