KYC Level 2 - no internet connection


At first, sorry for my english.
Ok, I live in EU and i got a problem with KYC level 2.
When I’m trying to scan QR Code (the right one) I got an error: “No internet connection”.

  • I was using 3 different smartphones.
  • Android 4.4 and 5.1.1 (I think 5.1.1 isn’t too old to do this) - Lenovo a858 and LG V10.

My Yoti is updated to a latest version from Google Play Store.
And ofc my internet connection is fine - 900 mb/s.
Can someone help me?


@Rachel , can you help ?



You’ll need to speak to Yoti regarding this issue.


I am facing to the exactly same problem.


I had the same problem but solved it by updating my mobile phone I had a Samsung Galaxy 2015 every time I tried to scan the QR code it stated no internet connection but every thing was up and fine but now I have a Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 and it scanned the QR code so fast that it was unreal so if possible try it on a newer phone it might just solve your problem as it solved mine, wish you luck