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Dear ETN,

I am a great holder of ETN and now i am not able to get in my wallet. I did the KYC and send copy of my passport and selfie. Still my document get rejected. Why cause this is the lastest documents i can get.

Please Help us. We have this problem. ETN promote for the poor and unbanked. But you locked everything up so that i cannot use my 10 years old funds i spend buying ETN. My whole family money.

I need help Please.

The team will of sent an email which would tell you what you need to provide.

Any questions regarding this should be replied to in the email…please don’t create another support ticket.





I dont know why they dont accept my document. I send a copy of my passport with one year still to go on it.

And i send them a selfie of my holding my passport.

Its very frustrating if you send what they ask and still get deny. Can it be better explaind what i need.

Basically I’ve found that they don’t really make it clear what you need to send. They are good at rejecting documents, but not explaining why or what is necessary to pass KYC at whatever level you are trying to pass. I’ve just had to guess and still get rejected. Support is extremely slow and not helpful with this. It’s been very poorly set up by electroneum. Too many of us are struggling to get through KYC because of this. They’ll lose customers because of it, and it’s their own fault.

Dm me if you need assistance.



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