KYC L2 Duration



Just a question really. Got myself a Citzencard so I could go through this KYC thing.

I sent off my documents and now I’ve been at the L2 part where you have to input your tax number and upload a bill.

Well maybe I’m an idiot but when it asked for my Job Title I also put the tax number for the company I worked for thinking it was that.

I then re-did the same thing again but with my National Insurance number which I think is how you are meant to do it. Anyway I’ve sent it off and nothing has happend. I created a ticket with the above query only to be told to ask about it in the forums.

Assuming I’ve done it right, is it just now a waiting a game? The system is at the same stage where it will let me upload a document, input the tax number again. It’s confusing because surely after you’ve submitted everything it should say something like ‘Pending review’.



Mine is the same and would very much like a reply to this.


@Rachel can you help with this?

In my case I submitted everything for KYC L2 on the 27th of Oct and I’ve heard nothing. The system still allows me to upload a document again, it says nothing about it ‘Waiting to be verified’ or anything like that.

Is it the case that we simply just keep waiting ?



Make sure you upload a JPG or PNG, does yours say ‘Pending’?

Mine didn’t and it turns out it didn’t because I uploaded a PDF which is ‘NOT’ accepted.


well , i,m at the point where thy asked me about job , so i replied and TX ID isn,t important " no * mark on it" but then asked me for a picture ?? i would have scanned a buiness card ,but they said it should be 3 month old which mean they ask for a document ??

anyhow i re-uploaded the passport as it have my job title and i,m on “pending” statues , but i,m not sure if i,m gonno pass this one or no

i also wanna know what will they ask more after that ??? Verfication on Exchange is way easier …