Kyc know your customer deadline




Is this deadline valid? @Rachel


No exact deadline has been announced yet. The team said they were aiming for the end of December, but have not given the date yet.


that was from this website which is a trusty tool in the crypto community people look up for updates on projects on here,

It says 31st of Dec kyc deadline


The only valid source about Electroneum… is from Electroneum.

The team will announce the deadline when ready, until then, as i said, they have stated that they are aiming for the end of December and will give a more specific date when they are confident they have everything in place for everyone to be able to do the KYC.


lol that is from ETN the website dont make stuff up by themselves


I really cant word this any more simple than i have. It doesn’t matter what some random website says.

The only information that has been released from the team is that they are aiming for the end of the year. I suspect that’s why your site have said Dec 31st…as a guess based on the quote from the team.

But the exact date has not been announced yet.

I suggest you keep an eye on official social media to get the actual date.


ok dont get your knickers in a twist i was just jerking your chain , good work on the post allocation , i just saw your correctly putting content in the right place , cheers