KYC issues in India


Yoti has confirmed to me that there is no way i can upload my address to their app. Without address, ETN website is not allowing me to scan code with yoti. Now I dont know how indian ppl are doing their KYC without yoti. I dont know why ETN and YOTI collaborated when yoti is not ready for a big country like India.

Anyone having any clue on this?


I cannot help with your problem but electroneum has said that no one will be excluded. They would solve it somehow they said. They were also working with Yoti to help them get more countries approved.


Same issue i’m from india. Also, I had a talk with support with Yoti and our electroneum team said that they are on that to solve it will be notify soon. Just waiting for the confirmation…


i m having same problem like you face DETTO!


I am also having same problem. Unable to do kyc.
I posted my issue here (My post) and they replied they are discussing this with Yoti. Here is the reply

Hope they solve the issue quickly.


I have also same issue. please help what to do?


Please see: