KYC is NOT mandatory to own/use/buy etn!

Kyc is mandatory only to use the OFFICIAL etn wallet! You could buy 50 millions of ETN on cryptopia /kucoin or any other exchange and use the etn from their wallet to buy stuff, send etn to other wallets, or just store them in offline paperwallet, without passing through etn app or etn website. So, Kyc is not mandatory to own and use etn

The thing is, if big retailers in future accept ETN as payment will they want it sent via the official app, not just for KYC reasons but because of the instant payment too?

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For sure. I think Doc is more referring to storage and peer-to-peer use.

Yeah, it’s just he said about buying stuff. Actually, how can a retailer make sure a payment comes through the app and not a non-instant payment and non-KYC wallet?