KYC is Coming on 12.11.18


On November 12th, we’re introducing KYC. Everyone needs to complete Tier 1, but you only need to complete Tier 2 (and show formal proof of ID) if you hold or transfer more than 150 Euros’ worth of #ETN every 3 months. Please don’t complete Tier 2 unless you have to!

Can i send from my Account Level 1

Is this too different threads?


Why KYC is mandatory for holders!
The team had mentioned before that it will be mandatory for prople who want to transfer


If you “hold” it using offline wallets, then you don’t need to get tier 2/3 yet. When you hold/receive/want to send/spent more than $150 of ETN through your personal wallet, then you’ll need KYC.


So, I don’t understand why for holding it needs!!
I am unaccustomed With offline wallets and don’t have any problem with KYC! Only it’s question that why for holding people should do KYC


i have some etn in cryptopia, do i need kyc?


No, the KYC only applies to your ETN account. However it is strongly recommended to withdraw your ETN from the exchanges, since they are vulnerable to hacks. If you plan to hold the ETN, transfer them to an offline wallet. Here’s how.

Edit: You do need KYC tier 1 on your ETN account, but you only need to fill in your name for that.


guys . i,m confused about what will happened after 12 November ?

here u say if i,m level 1 " just my name and email " i can send to 150Euro each 3 month .

but in the profile of my wallet the table shows that level 1 can only “deposite” or " receive" without speaking about sending or spending ?

i need a clear answer here : if i,m level 1 , will i be able to spend or send any ETN out of my account ?


1st level - 150 euros/3 months
2nd level - 10000 euros/3 months
3rd level - No limit


If you are Level 1, you can Transact (Transact means SEND or RECEIVE) up to 150 Euros per 3 Months.


i think the dev of the wallet website should fix the table in the "setting , profile " to reflect that cause for the 1st look anyone will understand that u cant send out ETN on level 1 .

check that pic to understand what i mean and u can see it on your account too .


Yes, it is a bit wrong as it is currently put.