KYC Is Coming 12.11.18


KYC is coming on November 12th. Everyone needs to complete Tier 1, but you only need to complete Tier 2 (and show formal proof of ID) if you hold or transfer more than 150 Euros’ worth of #ETN every 3 months. Please don’t complete Tier 2 unless you have to!

KYC is Coming on 12.11.18

Is the original cut off date now irrelevant? (10-10-2018)


Kyc will open so many Big doors and “windows” :wink:


I don’t understand why they have to postpone KYC with a month it is hurting the ETN community more than ever and will hurt us a lot. I just hope @ETNCEO will announce something that will give us a ton of confidence and growth in price this month before November the 12. I can’t see that it could be a problem that accounts that not got KYC level 1 to be locked to the owner are getting Level 1 done, it is a temperley loock, and for those how don’t manage to to wait for the account to be open they got for tomorrow to move their assets to an exchange. I am starting to believe there is more serious matter that is the reason for the new KYC date and this is like a smoke screen? So i hope there is a very good explanation that will come out weary soon.


@ETNCEO, would you mind clarifying this latest post for us? There is uncertainty in the community as to whether or not the Tier 1 KYC launch and MVNO launch are still happening this month.


Yes please Richard, may We have some clarification Here in the Forum? We are looking very strong at the moment from every angle but the wording has become confusing.

Starting on October the 10’th , are We still moving out of ‘Soft Launch’ into ‘Mandatory Tier 1’ or has this deadline been extended entirely until November the 12’th?

We shouldn’t get stirred up so easily without an actual clear answer, but We’re all on the edge of Our seats Man lol and We’ve been putting in the serious work on the Community & Market side of things.

Thank You for any clarification!.


let us all welcome kyc with great appreciation towards mass adoption :wink:


Tier 2,3 is for transferring or both transferring and holding?
Are you sure about holding?


Same question here, holding? seriously? they will ban my account because I am holding more than 150 bucks , and I did not complete level 2 ???


Yeah, I’m wondering that too… I certainly have more than 150€. I would complete all of the tiers long ago, but the app doesn’t accept documents from my country. Even manual entering doesn’t work.


They sent an email check it out


Made all use American’s shit a brick who wright November 12th 2018 this way: 11-12-18, think it is December 11th 2018 or 12-11-18 as you wright it! LOL


I didnt receive any email. last mail 19.9.2018 and I know a lot of who didnt receive any info…

#14 @Jade_O why this article says 12/11/2019? Is it wrong or is the real date?