KYC information & assistance 2021

This thread is created to assist those with locked wallets etc, please if your having problems follow the instructions below.

This was taken from the electroneum reddit community.

Hi all, I am Olivier Acuña, PR Manager at Electroneum.

I am profoundly saddened by the issues you’ve all been facing. Plankton has been contacting me saying we need to help you all as soon as possible. He’s asked you for support tickets.

I want to help you all, so I’m sharing my private email here for you all to send me your support ticket numbers, the dates you raised your tickets, the email attached to your account, and I give you all my word that I will personally get support to respond to you within two days from when I receive your email.

On behalf of Electroneum, I want to sincerely apologise for any and all inconveniences, but believe me, that this has been an unavoidable, albeit hugely painful journey toward become regulatory compliant and not face shut-down as will up to 100 other UK-based crypto firms that have failed to take this necessary step.

The fact is we had over 100,000 accounts blocked due to some implementations that were indispensable for the future of Electroneum. Any crypto firm that does not go through this painful journey will be banned by the appropriate authorities and we have made sure that Electroneum is here to stay for eternity.

We are as of today ( 06.01.2021 ) with less than 800 accounts still facing a few issues, but they too will be resolved in the next couple of days. We apologise for any inconvenience, but I assure you that you will soon see why this has been for the benefit of the community as well as for the company. That being said, if you are still facing issues, please feel free to DM me ( email link above ) . I can help nudging support to hop on your case immediately. Cheers.

I apologise on behalf of Electroneum but rest assured this is being treated as a high priority.


If you have any troubleshooting tips for others in the same situation please post them here. Any help from the community is greatly appreciated. But do not post your information or emails sent from the team. But do put up support ticket numbers if you have been locked out for a while and I will keep an eye on the thread and help out as much as I can by passing it onto the team.

thanks for your patience


Hi Plankton

I want to thank you for all you are doing to help quell some of the unrest regarding KYC/AML i had sent a post after reading Matics comment but since deleted it will try one more time fingers crossed and if that fails will open another ticket and try to see if Oliver can help. Funny thing is if Covid was not an issue i live on the south coast and if ETN allowed it i would be happy to take a 2hr trip to the head office with passport and any other details in hand.


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