KYC Helping to power Enablement


Heey @d57f2686af6ddff15d6b i am not sure but as far as i know there are also students that could finish it by stating they are currently a student :wink:


This KYC is not bad !!! We can’t go down another Silk Road Bitcoin fiasco again ! We can now be in control of our money! but no bank controlling our money ! But we have to be registered otherwise the governments won’t let crypto grow


This project is opening doorways to places we all dream of being. free to decide for ourselves how financial equality should be. ETN blows my mind, “SIMPLY” outstanding. Richard is pioneering this space with inspirational vision and impeccably good timing. The community is charged with excitement. Every night I walk outside onto the balcony and look at the moon. And every night the moon looks closer, I hope it’s closer for you.


I tell you man that statement is going to become reality for a lot of people.

We are in good hands with Richard and am a very proud supporter of this project. I love the positive talk in here as well.


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”


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Gives the man a cookie: :cookie:


Yoti level 2 cannot complete cause the passport don’t have the address. Help please… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


The answer is here


Indeed it’s close to the community, it will be more closer if people get on board


Do you have a passport with a microchip?


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KYC is becoming more standard as the crypto space becomes more well known, in a couple of years it will be so mainstream it won’t even be discussed. This was the wild wild west of sorts and KYC is helping to attend to some of the chaos. I get it and if it helps us get to the next stage then I am all in! On that note I guess I should go get it done…lol


KYC requirement isn’t great but unfortunately it is needed to make this business model work for a number of reasons.


Most importantly it is needed to make the real jump from niche adoption to mass adoption


Yes true but it is essentially a forced requirement.


Not at all! You could buy etn on cryptopia, and send them to any other exchange/vendor/shop/website and not have KYC. Kyc is only to use the official etn wallet


That doesn’t change what I said.


Storm, don’t be chicken, you and I are both sitting on golden eggs. Do the right thing and comply with KYC so ETN will know your chicken, before it becomes KFC. Just kidding, you’ll be fine. :rocket: