KYC Helping to power Enablement


In our latest video, #Electroneum CEO Richard Ells talks about KYC (Know Your Customer) and our newest partner, @GetYoti, who we’re working with to deliver it. Check it out here:

KYC Helping to power Enablement

(KYC is coming! KYC (Know Your customer) is an important step on the roadmap to Electroneum’s success, in our latest video Richard Ells goes into what KYC is, what it means for our growth and why it’s important to our community and end-users alike.)


What a powerful force in the Crypto space. Love the team a project so excited for the future @ImogenD.


This may help with perspective as to the importance of KYC as you can see 147 countries require kyc for a mobile prepaid sim almost every developing country

Yoti problem of countries not available

That is a good point. Mass adoption requires KYC that works everywhere then.


Why yoti not available in some countries can you help the community to solve this problem because when w contacted them they said wait next monthly update is it normal?


the cool thing is if people want privacy and be anonymous, when atomic transfers are fully adopted (could be next year) can just transfer ur ETN for a fully decentralised privacy coin


I got approved in 10 minutes… Great work, waiting patiently for the revolution. :clap::clap::clap::+1:


hmp… if that problem occur… maybe they need to change their location temporarily to download the app… they can use vpn for that


I still think that KYC is good for Electroneum and its future it will open a lot of new partnership doors and they are doing everything according to regulatory rules and if you want you could still keep your ETN on paper wallets or on exchanges (i wouldn’t recommend leaving it on exchanges but you could do that) if you wouldn’t want to do KYC but there will come a time probably that you want to spend that ETN or maybe transfer it then you will have to do it in the future anyway :wink:


If KYC can allow the team to secure the super contracts with mobile operators in the developing country… Well guys, Kyc is our golden egg goose


There is no way around KYC, any cryptocurrency project believing it can do without, is going to fail.
I believe we are going to see the biggest FOMO in the history of crypto in the near future.


Just have patience man, i am sure this kind of things will get sorted in the near future. Heads up guys :slight_smile:


Wow thanks to Electroneum team for signing big deals,
I’m sure with time things will normalised and be okay


@Doctor I agree with you!


great to see development frm ETN…just how exactly are we supposed to do the KYC ?..if we can get the steps to follow that wud be great…


No matter what Level 1 Identity Verification has to be done, you can follow this guide to for level 1 verification: How to complete KYC Level 1 Identity Verification

You will need to download and install App on your phone called Yoti. Here are some instructions here on setting up a Yoti account.: Setting up a Yoti account

After installing Yoti and submiting identity documents, you will then need to link Yoti to your Electroneum account. To do so you can follow this guide here: How to link Yoti to Electroneum Mobile Wallet


This is truly magical, it will help evolve Electroneum into a trusted payment provider.


I definitly think it Will reach that in the future i got faith in ETN to reach their long term goals for mass adoption :sunglasses:


Big players will absolutely want Kyc, since they can’t invest in shady projects. This is our chance


Hey, I have one question. Do you Have to be 18 to do the KYC in ETN? Or you can be in every age?