KyC for safety of longterm holder :)


Hi good day to all ETN community here
I just realize that not doing kyc if your a longterm hodler is a good safety features for your account…
Maybe im wrong with these, but imagine someone got penetrate to your account and you hold a bunch of etn coins on your wallet… The hacker cant withraw you coins coz your not yet verified by the system of kyc.
It might help for some reason. Coz you will have a time to be able to counter their attempt…
Just saying hehe. HHHOOOLLLLLDDDDD


If they wanted to steal your coins, they would probably do it in another way, as they don’t play by the rules.
It’s like a bank robber would stay in line at the bank with his hood on, and wait his turn. And only then he would rob the bank. :smiley:


My bad :slight_smile: well robber will rob
I think truthful rob is the only rob will not rob