KYC for 2 wallets!


I have a question regarding 2 accounts (wallets).
I have a main account in my desktop with an email as username and the second one in my iphone with a seperate email!
As a matter of fact, I was one of those 10000 users who caould download and run IOS version through testflight app for testing on IOS!
So,do I have to pass KYC for both of them!?
In dektop wallet (the first one and my main wallet) I have all of my ETN and in the IOS wallet I have only 4.9 ETN for tets!
If I want to do KYC for the main one and left the second wallet, does it have any problem?


one account per user…


I know it well my mate!
I wanna know if I left the KYC for one of my wallet (those which is empty) , will be a problem for the other wallet?


just use one account…and let the other wallet with 0 etn…it is better inform etn team to remove the other account.


I’ Sent a ticket to them!