Kyc deadline extended


I can’t help but feel you may have over simplified your two rules. Let me give you an example- Hong Kong ‘s real estate has always outgrown inflations. Is investing in real estate a better option than investing in crypto currency? My opinion is it isn’t (note this is my opinion ) as the opportunity cost for me would be too big (I.e. fund being hold up for too long). Progression is not binary.


I am not at that point yet but as I have mentioned if we keep repeating the same mistake then it might be more beneficial to.


nope, I have not over simplified at all. I think you are over complicating it. I’m not talking about having to pic between investments. I take investments one project at a time. My answer to your question on picking crypto or real-estate is why not invest in both? Ask yourself those two questions for each one. There is no either/or.

The only time that comes into play is if you only have enough money to invest in one project and you have to choose. If you have to choose, pick the one you believe will succeed the most and stick with it. But that’s not the subject here. We are talking only about Electroneum.

*to be clear, I understand what you are saying but it’s not really relevant when we are talking about whether or not you invest into ETN


I think we just have to agree to disagree here. Investment is a very personal thing and you are entitled to your opinion/methods.


Change invest to gamble and that’s what I did instead of buying lotto tickets for a year I bought etn , didn’t go over my means and I’m sticking where I am through thick and thin.
I believe etn has a future , a big one at that some big dips and some big rises but that’s life.

I think with etns arrival on the crypto scene was over hyped buy us lot it’s our fault , so when the newcomers came in they expected too much too fast . Me too but I listened and learned . That’s what we need to show them Relax , chill do what ever you have to , don’t get too deeply involved it will mess your brain up.

Also I do love a bit of fud if all we heard was good news all the time it would be boring as hell . Onwards and upwards


Yes, I agree 100%. You have to do with your money what you feel is best. Let me give you an example of my own.

I recently pulled ALL my traditional stock money out. They were all in the DOW. I do a little TA on the side and I saw the impending collapse that we all have witnessed over the last couple weeks. Based on what the charts told me and the fact that we have been in the longest bull run in history with a double top due for a correction, I answered my own question #2 as “no”. So I pulled the money and put a good portion of it into crypto. I see the traditional market starting to go into a downturn which will turn into a full recession. I see crypto taking off over the next few years. So I made the switch based on those simple questions.

I could be a complete jackass if things go south, but hey…I’m an investor and I put money into things I see progression on. The traditional markets are long over due for a pullback and crypto is just getting started. This short term volatility means nothing. I look long term.

But to each their own. Everyone must do what is best for them. 100% correct and I agree with you there.


When is the new deadline?


No firm date as of yet , they still want it to go live by the end of 2018…


Exactly…it all hinges on KYC. I’m sure they are working overtime and on weekends to get it working for everyone. The entire project lies on KYC being done. It’s priority #1…and when I say priority #1, I mean an actual priority #1…not a HitBTC listing “top priority” that will be done “soon”.


Maybe we can participate there is no pump till passing this deadline, isn’t it?


not unless they announce the Apple release out of beta possibly with cloud mining. That would help.


That’s the key point , not kyc , not hitbit it’s apple , once that’s done and dusted that’s huuuuge


That’s true!:+1:t4:
Maybe Hitbtc is another one!


You can look at this as a positive or a negative personally im cutting them some slack as they are one of the first doing KYC so being the first will mean there will be some problems, lets not forget KYC has to work everywhere getting something to work in like every country is a nightmare so I think they have done alright so far.

The mistake I think they are making is announcing dates for things it keeps hurting them when they are not met thats what I think they need to be aware of. They have delivered on alot of what they have said so far be it late so Im not too worried, the more you look into KYC and AML the more it looks not simple at all…


The problem of not announcing date for something like kyc is people simply wont do it . If you announced a date people tend to do it last minute. This is just how it works .


No I get that I sort of mean in general with things, Im not bashing ETN I think they have done a great job I just think dates and time frames have caused a few problems but it happens with most projects like this.