KYC and Ebenefits (Vets)


Just wanted to let any vets know that you can get a benefit summary from ebenefits and satisfy the KYC requirement that way. I know, I know, but hear me out. KYC, like it or not, is the future of ETN and its better to get on board with that sooner than later. Not only that, but Richard Ells has just stated in his most recent video that there were more incoming KYC options to help accommodate the people who cannot use Yoti. For us, many of us already know there is no avoiding KYC. They already know everything there is to know about me. So, print off a summary letter and submit. All they need is your benefit amount (not periods of service nor disability rating), to satisfy your source of income, and my letter was good enough to satisfy both stage two and three. There it is. Do it early like I did and you wont have to fight the rush when ETN moons.


You are right @Ds2vet i think the same better complete it now then worry about it later people will try to avoid it but eventually they will have to do it anyway :wink:


I dont believe there is any other road to mass adoption. Large companies werent going to move forward w/o it.