Getting frustrating trying to complete level two.

I complete the details, attach my verification, press to complete, and the page refreshes. No error message, no completed message. No idea whats going on, has it been submitted? Has it not?


Can i delete my yoti account after registration on electroneum?
I have tier level 2 completed.


Thank you for your swift resonse,

I would like to add that I provided you with new Bank Statement, ( stamped on 26 October 2018)

but you have said that your document is old, and rejected it.

please note that my address on my bank statment is the old one (*******), which differs from my Telephone bill provided earlier with my passport.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to give you more details and proof of adress from my minicipality departement

Kind Regards


The answer Rachel gave you was exactly regarding the question you asked.
Who told you that you need to be level 3 verified?
You said with your own words that you want to be level 3 verified, nobody was forcing you to do this. :slight_smile:
So whenever you decide to do it, go ahead.
I wonder why people still have the need to give KYC that much importance, turn it on all sides, when it is quite straightforward when it comes to functionality.
You should all be level 3 verified, just to be sure. And this had to happen quite some time ago, not that close to the deadline. I hate this behaviour people have, they tend to let everything just before a deadline, instead of solving a certain subject in time.


I am not interested in your opinion. I am still expecting a specific answer to my question from @Rachel or from an ETN team member.


write foe 1 week !I changed the mobile number. I did level 3 for the electroneum kyc with the previous number. now I have redone yoti but on my profile electroneum I can not redo the kyc from scratch. I do not see the qr code. regards



have nobody a answer to my question?

Can i delete my yoti account after registration on electroneum?
I have tier level 2 completed.



A specific question deserves a specific answer. I’d like to know the answer too.


Hi, no you cannot delete your Yoti account.


Hi, are you unable to continue to upload documents?



Iv uploaded a bank statement, under 90 days, from large national bank for level 3 verification.

Reviewer’s comment:
The document that you uploaded is not in our list of documents that can be accepted.

Your source of funds document should be less than 3 months old.

How can I proceed?



Any chance of a response? Id quite like to use electroneum in the future…


Hi, I’ve been told you may be able to help?

“Does anyone have any info on how to get around the Yoti app not being compatible on Huawei phones?”

Support advised to come here & I’m sorry if this has been said already.


I am from Indonesia and I cannot continue to level 2 because when I scan my passport through yoti he always rejects it (I have tried 8 times and always failed), I have tried to delete my yoti account and registered again but the problem that I experienced still same. After I scanned the QR code on the my electroneum page with yoti but I always had to get a failure that was the same as the receipt of my passport, yoti did not provide a choice other than the passport for document verification. What should I do, I save a lot of ETNs and I can only level 1 KYC but can’t continue to level 2. Please help me


Dear Rachel,

I am from Iran and as you know, Yoti doesn’t accept my ID document to create a basic account on it.
I would be grateful if you could help me what actions I need to do for passing Level 2.


Can U help me? I cant make second level of KYC because of Yoti error “no internet connection” when I scan QR code. I was consulted with Yoti support and they promise to fix this bug. But it takes some time. What will be if I dont make KYC till 11.11.2018?


It just means you will be level 1 and can complete level 2 later.

You will be restricted to level 1 transfer restrictions.

But if you are a HODLER, the slight delay will be of no major inconvenience.

Your coins will all be safe in your wallet and you will experience no issues.


When I delet my account into YOTI and wanna scan qr code, Yoti needs to add id document and same problem again!
Who can help me regarding this problem


aap ka level 2 verification hua??


I did this, but YOTI is still asking for an ID document to prove my address. It’s still asking for either a passport or driver’s license that I don’t have.