What about this discussion?
Is there any progress/solution for Indian users?


What on earth are you on about? There is no misinformation regarding KYC requirements.


Rachel updated her answer 2 hours ago - before your indignant reply. Check your attitude!

She just said that KYC was for everyone - which is not true.


lol Must have struck a nerve, if that’s considered attitude, let alone indignant. Though, I guess it’s hard to gauge tone of voice via text. In any case, there’s no way for one to review the revisions of the original post, as it’s just a wiki (that is, I can make edits as well). I don’t have a way to respond without knowing the context, so I’ll see you around.


I did my video on Yoti over a week ago and the app says the Video is still pending approval. How do I get past this in order to continue?


Good good, rather than admit you were wrong, try to escalate the situation.

My original reply was entirely appropriate (thus Rachel edited her post, which you missed). Your reply to me was not appropriate, it was aggressive. Your follow up reply trying to get me to engage your childishness was also inappropriate.

Well done you, this community needs more like you to divide us.


Lets keep the thread on topic and insult free. Thank you.


Hasta ahora no puedo completar el nivel 2 debido a que la aplicación yoti no me permite verificar mi número de celular. Además he escaneado directamente el código QR con la aplicación ETN MINIG desde mi perfil y me sale error. Necesito ayuda para crear una cuenta en yoti y así completar el nivel 2


Not a problem. :slight_smile:



YOTI ask me for my addresss

But when i try to add my missing details (address) yoti required my passport or driver’s license… But my passport is already expired and i don’t have a license.

Is there any other option to upload my all documents? aside from yoti? because every details that i wanted to add in YOTI app it require a passport or driver’s license.

Thank you


My self also having kyc address issue.


I have my original account that I purchased 26,297 coins and the coins are still in the original account. I received an email on October 22, 2018, stating “You are getting this email as your Electroneum account will need Tier 2 or Tier 3 KYC (Know Your Customer) see below.”

I am new at buying Crypto and need some guidance on what to do.


Start off with Level 1. Log in to your online wallet, and then go to Settings > Profile. There should be some instructions in there for you to follow. Once that’s done, get Yoti on your smart phone and go back to Settings > Profile and scan the little Yoti QR code. From there just follow the instructions and upload the necessary documents. For level 3, you just upload one of the requested documents and wait for them to approve it.


But my problem is that I can not enter my basic details. I verified my e-mail and a phone number, but when I scan the QR it says “Electroneum has requester details which you haven’t added to Yoti yet:” and it asks for my Address. When I choose “Add missing details” the only option I have is “Add ID document” and that option is not available for my country…
I really don’t know what to do.




I have recently bought and own around 110,000 Electroneum for EURO 600 from an individual and I have a legal private agreement between us.

So from my understanding, the only amount that I have to show “proof of funds” anytime is EURO 600 (my initial investment in Electroneum). Any other amount higher than that should be estimated as profit.

One question please:

If Electroneum price will rise in the next one year to 1 Euro per coin then the value of my 110k coins will be around EURO 110,000. That amount consists from EURO 600 (my initial investment) and EURO 109,400 (profit).

In case that I send you all my documents for KYC Level 3 and you decide not to give me verification - authorisation for that level, If I wish at that point of time, to send all my Electroneum in one single transaction to a crypto-exchange and sell them, would that be possible? If not, could you please explain me why?

Thank you,



How long does the verification process take? Today I sent Supporting Document


For me, Level 1 was instant, Level 2 took 1 day, and Level 3 took just under a week.


I don’t remember if I already did my KYC but there is no link of kyc in my dash, or if it’s already done, I can’t see any link if I want to do the level 2 KYC. How to know if KYC is done?



So I followed your instructions as you mentioned on Yoti address issue - India

You said to download a non Yoti QR scanner and use it on the Electroneum profile to scan the Yoti QR code in order to get the option to manually upload ID documents and this doesn’t work at all.

You HAVE to use a Yoti QR scanner ONLY so when you tell us to use our phone’s camera to scan the code before we make a Yoti account, that simply isn’t possible.

The only scanner you can use is the Yoti QR scanner. That’s the only one that works with the Yoti QR code. So back to square one with KYC level 2, I will just wait till there is a solution from Richard and team.


Log in to your online wallet, and then go to Settings > Profile.