No, level one is just putting your name and where you live.


let me make a review with you:

  1. There is only one official iOS Yoti app that linked on their website:
    I installed this app and run it. Then it asked me to signup before anything. Then i made a basic signup.
  2. I run the Yoti app and scan the QR code in in the “Settings” and “Your profile” tab. There is a Yoti QR code.
  3. I run the Yoti app on my mobile device.
    I did it all but it ask me still for address and to fill address need to upload ID/Passport that does not support my country …
    Please let me know which part(s) is wrong?


The only place with a QR scanner on the ETN app is when you click the pay button, so that’s what we use to scan the QR code in the profile settings on Electroneum before proceeding to do basic Yoti?


I see. How then can I do the basic Yoti? What’s the first thing to do for basic yoti? Please elaborate @Rachel. Thanks a lot.


Aftr I completed my level 1 KYC, I downloaded the yoti app then made an account. I scanned the qr code in the electroneum site and was able to add my email address and cellphone number. When I tried to add or create my ID in order to put my address, gender and among others Im required to upload passpoer or driving license. That’s the problem. Im stuck at that stage. Please help. Thank you. @Rachel


No. I tried that too. It doesn’t work. Log in to your online wallet, go to Settings, then Profile, the Yoti QR code is there.


Well I get what you’re saying because it’s a Yoti specific QR code so I assumed you had to obviously use the Yoti scanner to unlock the ability to upload documents manually, however that doesn’t work since Yoti doesn’t currently accept some U.S. state id’s.

At this point I am just awaiting Yoti to allow my form of ID or until Richard and team share a new way proceed with KYC.


@Rachel @dadashali @Corps
Rachel, I think QR code can be seen only if you open my.electroneum on laptop or pc. If you login on mobile browser then there is no QR code instead there is a button Activate via Yoti.
So, if it is confusing where to scan, how to scan QR code, I think it is better to login on mobile browser and click on Activate via Yoti button. In this case I think there is no need to scan QR code. The following screenshot shows the button I am talking about.
I think this will work.


Cual es el yoti básico Rachel


Rachel cuando intento escanear el código QR con la aplicación ETN MINIG me sale error: dirección de monedero muy corto Quiero verificar mi identidad con yoti te dejo la Imagen para que veas


Is it possible to somehow check what name, surname etc. I’ve already put for lvl 1? I just want to be sure because I did not pay that much attention when filling the form.


…you’re not sure what name you put in???



Haha, I’m one of those guys who check something 3 to 5 times just to be sure. It’s kinda unhealthy I know but I would like to be able to check if the details I’ve put for lvl 1 are correct.
Sorry if my question was/is kinda dumb.


What if someone doesn’t have a job. What can we put for employer and job title


Hi, hoping someone can help. What about if i have a paper wallet and haven’t signed up through the online login yet?


It might be meant to be all the same but the different wording suggests different requirements and is confusing people…

“€150 per 3 month period” without a tick underneath it for level 1, but with a tick beneath it for level 2 has a very different meaning from “Send over €150 per 3 month period” when level 1 is only shown as “receive/deposit” only without also saying “send up to 150” in both cases.

It gives you a lot of unnecessary extra questions to answer IMO.


Paper wallet and CLI wallet don’t require KYC.


I’ve completed all the phases. It took a while, but it’s over.

I trust that Electroneum will come to better places.


The opening post answers your questions - but seen as you’re to lazy to read it …

KYC required for all who use desktop or mobile wallet. The answer is clearly there in black and white.

This is the kind of question that has support so back logged.


This answer is too vague.

I use ETN in exchange only - do I need KYC… NO !!!

I use ETN in CLi (command line wallet) only - do I need KYC… NO

You are not helping if you are spreading mis-information.