Hi. Please remember to only do the tier you are required to. Please PM me your account’s email address and I’ll look into this.


Yes, please scan the qr code then fill out Yoti.


We’re in discussions with Yoti regarding this. Apologises for any inconvenience caused.

KYC issues in India

But over the next few months or years there will be new users so why should everyone need to do this by November 12th does your account get locked??


No your account doesn’t lock. New users will have to do the level one, and as they gain more ETN then they will have to complete the required tiers.


I don’t understand the ‘remember to only do the tier you are required to’ part. I want to be able to move any amount of ETN between my wallet and an exchange at any time that I choose. That means I require Level 3, right?


It depends on how much ETN you have. If you send over 10,000€ worth of ETN in 3 months then yes do tier three. If not, then tier two.


Hello Rachel, thank you for answering I really appreciate it. At the moment I should complete level 2 but if the price changes then I would need level 3 and that is why I want to complete it. My account’s email is this one you are writing to, ivkovic_**********

Best regards


@Rachel Pease clarify something for me, why are users limits different, please see from 2 different users


Can you please discuss also with YOTI to consider ID documents issued by the government in liue of passport and driving license when uploading at yoti app for level 2 verification? Most of the unbanked or poor third world countties cannot afford to get passport and driving license. Thanks a lot.


You are on a basic Yoti so you need to scan the QR and enter your basic details onto Yoti.


Those countries do not need to upload IDs to Yoti.


Hi, I opened several tickets related to Yoti. You said that my account is on Basic Yoti and I should follow this community link. I made review the main content of this topic several times. The matter is when I scan the QR code in my Electroneum account Yoti ask me to enter the missing Address field and I must upload a document to be able to fill the address but the matter is Yoti does not support my country. In the KYC FAQ, I read if someone got the same matter should open a ticket and support will solve the matter but all of my tickets got redirected to the community!
So how can I solve this matter? :expressionless:
I saw some people said when they scan QR code they will be redirected to Electroneum website to upload their docs directly but this not happens for me at all!
Need your real help really …


In the same boat it’s not only me also, all support requests are just forwarded to forum, most the time without even reading your support request. they instantly close it so u cannot respond. I don’t get why they are doing this seems to only upset people even more. They probably want to handle request fast and close them fast. But in my investment group it seems to backfire badly. I hope they will allow people again to handle there kyc problem thru support again.


What country are you from?


You only need to contact support if you need your profile changed to basic. All other queries and questions can be answered here on the forum.


I’ve come from Iran.


You need to scan the qr code on our site then fill out Yoti. DO NOT go directly to Yoti.


The matter is i filled my info before i know that you said. Now what i must to do to redo this process?


Please delete your yoti account and scan the qr code.