Alright, after 11 days I just got My lvl 3 accepted! :slight_smile: Thanks to the team. Its was a bit long but I get that there are many people asking for KYC right now; Anyway, all good :slight_smile:


@Rachel Can I upload ID docs other than a paasport or driving license as required by yoti app for level 2 verification?


Does the KYC process have approved level 2-3? I had to download the Yoti and completed the necessary phases, but still 1. Level. I wrote ETN Supporta but there hasn’t been a comeback in a week.


You will have to upload a passport or driving license.


Could you please help me with my issue:


No other accpeted ID documents. Right?


I am based out of India and am required to enter the address for the verification of KYC. The passport Page has been uploaded and does not contain the address. In my country I am unable to add the address manually and replacing the passport in Yoti does not help complete the KYC as well.

Kindly advise.


It’s the last line in the article above, read it all.


I think they’re working on it.
My Japanese passport also do not have an address written in the passport.
And I couldn’t input my address manually then.
But i can do it now, so maybe if you wait a bit more they’ll have an option for people in India too.


12th November, it got extended.


We are still discussing this issue with Yoti. Apologises for any inconvenience.


Is it possible that I do KYC both level 2&3 with a bank statement which I have taken from the bank? This statement has issued a week ago!


Yes you can, as long as it contains the relevant information.


Please scan the QR code THEN add the information into Yoti.

DO NOT make an account with Yoti prior to scanning the QR code.


As per @keroppi post
keroppi entered address manually. Must be after October update of Yoti i.e.
Here in the update, Yoti did not include India so we are unable to do KYC. Yoti has provided the feature to manually enter the address for almost all countries except India. I don’t understand why they have not provided this feature for Indian. Please look into this matter.
Please see the reply from Yoti.

KYC issues in India

@Rachel can i redo the whole process so if delete my yoti profile will i again be able to scan the qr code and redo the process in the correct order like u suggested?


Hi Rachel, thanks for this post but that doesn’t work for me. I deleted my account on Yoti tried again but it still asks me to upload a document. Could you, please, help me with this issue because I’m really stuck here and I want to complete all three tiers. Thanks in advance.


As your daily updates for KYC to download YOTI app. I downloaded app and submit all requirements as required including scanning passport. next step of yoti to scan QR code to Electroneum i opened my Electroneum wallet and scan as well. next step of electroneum account to ask me some info regarding Gender, Nationality, Age, and attached passport scanning document like that. i submit the passport copy after few minutes i received email your passport rejected. Kindly accept my passport scanning copy and to make further transactions.

Last days when i logged in my account electroneum asked me Name, surname i wrongly added another name as well…

According my passport my Surname is AHSAN.

Kindly update me for the issue and resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.


can anyone explain why there is a deadline for KYC. I thought you cannot access your wallet without KYC Level 1 now.


No, that is not the case. You need to complete your required tier level before the 12th of November.