Write to the Electroneum support and explain… I can bet they will find solution for you

I did multiple,and they told me to ask everything here I’m getting seriously urinated off… If only I didn’t have like 20$ worth of ETN I would send them to hell and quit but I want my money…

What kyc are you currently, do you have a bank account you can use a recent bank statement

I’m in the same boat. They flagged me for level 2 and my pension document has been rejected 3 times. I’m waiting to hear what they say about my 4th try Locked out of my wallet 8 days now. Problem for me is all utilities bills and bank statement is in husband’s name and they don’t seem to like my government pension document
Soooo frustrating. I’ve been buying $50 worth every few months as I can afford it over the past 2 yrs and have all my ETN in my wallet.
Once this gets resolved I better move my ETN to paper wallets

Neden kimlik kartı gerekiyor?
Kimlik kartımı verdiğimde üzerinden herhangi bir işlem yapacak mısınız?

Why do I need an identity card?
When I give my ID card, will you take any action on it?

Please see FAQ section. For all answers . Thanks.


Kimliğim üzerinden herhangi bir işlem olacak mı?

Please understand the team are all busy atm.

Everything in the world has pretty much stopped so please have a little patience in this time.



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