Level 3 is taking some time… Still pending from Friday… ;/


Thanks for the reply…when it hits my number I can do tier 2 and then trade :+1:


Quick update:

If you are scanning the QR code and Yoti is still asking you to upload an ID then please try deleting your Yoti account, scanning the QR code on our system, filling in the information then uploading your documents onto our system.

If you are from a country that Yoti doesn’t accept documents from then you need to follow the system above.


Level 3 has to have a more thorough look over so it takes more time to process.


No you will need level 2.


You can upload a payslip as long as it has your name on it.


That’s how I read it the first time…thanks for the heads up Rachel tier two it is for me…also while you are here, if in the future my investment goes above 10,000 euros do I have to complete tier 3? If yes I may as well go for tier 3 from the start…hope you can shed some light on this for me.
Thanks :two_hearts:


I think you are wrong I have been told I need tier two not one …


What happens if I delete my yoti app account? Do I need to register again in the yoti app using my same mobile number and email? Or if I delete my current yoti app account, I cant anymore use the same monile number and email that I used in my deleted yoti app account?


I’m not wrong.
level 1 is for only recieving(and holding(no restriction) level 2 is recieving and sending(restriction $150)and level 3 is recieving and sending up to $10.000
So you told me what if i have $1000 worth etn and hold it, so you need only level one.


Account Level 2 - Supporting Document。

Sorry, can I use my own national language? Or can I only upload it in English,

Because I am using a file upload in my own language, it has been seven days to be determined. thank you very much!


Does this mean sending to exchanges, because if so then this is crazy you can only send 150 Euros which equals 173.79 which can only be sent every 3 months that’s Ludacris?


But they have now said if you HOLD or send over 150 you need level 2. All the recent tweets from ETN also say “hold”.


From etn twitter account…
The KYC clock’s a-ticking! Have you completed it yet? Remember, you don’t need to complete tier two unless you hold or transfer more than 150 Euros’ worth of ETN every three months!

I need tier 2…may as well do tier 3 to be safe I think lol
very confusing


It’s a communication issue. I’ve been round and round on this the past few days. The app shows the same table with one minor (crucial) difference. Level 2 is for moving/trading over 150 Euros worth (up to 10,000) in a 3 month time. Level 3 is for moving/trading over 10,000 Euros worth in a 3 month time. If you click the little info link at the top, it will expand and it’s a bit more clear (still not crystal clear like any professional business communication should be). This whole thing is a Charlie Foxtrot.


Latest tweet has gone back to “transfer” only, not “hold or transfer”.


Does anyone know that there are documents that stipulate KYC cannot be used in Chinese? (Traditional) Is it normal to confirm eight days? thanks !


Aaaaaaand… now we’re back to “hold or transfer” again!


Sorry but this is not working for me. I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and when I scan the code with Yoti it says that I need to enter my address. When I tap on “add missing details” it is asking me to scan a document, then when I choose Bosnia and Herzegovina it says that Yoti is not available for this country. Above you mentioned that I can upload my passport or whatever to electroneum but I don’t see that option anywhere… I would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.


Any answer on this issue? I have a same problem except I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina…