I understand the frustration but KYC has been in the works for over 6 months, and everyone was informed before we went live with it. You need to complete your required tier before you can access your wallet. These are the regulations and we cannot change them.


There is nothing to be frustrated about. But with simple rights. I live in Europe and I know my rights as a citizen about my personal data.
What is at stake here (you can talk about months or years of information) is that I did not have the opportunity to have the information through the app the day Electroneum were going to apply to KYC. I am not obliged to know about social networks or E-Mails. because these are not the product information tools I’m using to know from mining the app. is in the product itself. Just a simple information in the entrance of the app to say that such day would go to ask for KYC. This is being professional. Now depriving people of what is yours is a slander and a lack of professionalism. You can send Terms & Conditions here. Still some that just changed on March 5. That timing. Too bad … I have nothing to hide. But what is at stake here is my rights of choice. I live in the European community and I have duties as I have rights. And you are depriving me of a very simple one.


These regulations are from the EU, so your rights are intertwined with ours. You need to complete KYC.


in the app you can find the link to the terms and conditions under the “more” tab at the down right corner


BTW did you know you can use the CLI wallet which doesn’t need KYC and you can also mine on PC with for example xmr-stak software? I’m making daily 20-40 etn with Intel I7 CPU and Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU.


uk, now 3 weeks of no mining , why was there NO notice period and just suspending customer accounts? feel that your customer service and practise has gone out the window. pity as i am from SA originally, your practise of NO notice just suspend is a fantastic work ethic lol


What?!? You get over 50000 h/s with one CPU and one GPU? Or it is a farm of GPUs, because the first option isn’t possible


1 CPU and 1 GPU. I’m mining at
The pool mines other altcoins and changes it to etn i.e I get etn. check the telegram group. the poolowner can explain it in more detail


I know for that option. It’s pretty much the same as mining any other coin and then manually trading it on the exchange for the ETN. I misunderstood your original statement - I thought you’re saying you are mining 20-40 ETN directly with that hardware.

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I submitted documents for level 2. I got an confirmation email saying my docs are accepted, but when i log in I cant access my coins, and its still asking for more documents. I uploaded again but no avail, i get no email confirmation, no nothing, can anyone help ???


You may be required to do kyc 3.

The top of this thread has a lot of good information explaining if you read through the original post.