@Rachel will you be able to assist?


No. Unfortunately those are the only documents we can accept for tier 3.


Aadhar now accepted in the yoti app. :slight_smile:


I am a student , unemployed … I have recently submitted bank statement but it was rejected saying more activity required.

Currently I am on level 2 KYC but electroneum need more information.

How can I complete level 3 KYC as I have no source of income and my bank statement is not enough and get rejected twice.


Hi I have completed level 1 and possibly level 2 I think but not sure as I lost the mobile device I used for Yoti a while ago and have been out of the loop for a while also. I seem to remember having problems with my proof of address verification as my utility bill is in Thai language at which point I kind of gave up as there was no clear way or advice to resolve this issue at that time. What are the steps to do once I get a new mobile device for Yoti and have the language text issues been addressed or solved for Yoti users based in Thailand ? Thanks in advance


I’m from Nigeria. I’ve only got a Nigerian voters card which is used here as from of kyc when opening a bank account. It has my full name, birth date, gender, address, occupation and my picture also.
Unfortunately Yoti does not recognize my Voter’s card ID therefore finding it difficult to complete level 2 by scanning the yoti qr code in my account, via the yoti app.
Please help me understand how to upload my document directly to electroneum and get verified please.


I have also messaged you @Rachel … Please look into this as I really want to use electroneum app and this project is very close to my heart … Only level 3 KYC clearance is stopping me to use app :slight_smile:


I think we may have a problem here, but the problem is not with kyc. It’s with kyc fud accounts. The unbanked demographic only really need level 1. People in countries where the yoti app has limitations can easily pass higher levels of they really need to, by reaching out to the proper channels. Submit the relevant documents.


Do you need to send more than 10k $ a month via the app? If you really do. Then you don’t really need to worry about being unemployed. But if this is really the case then you need to understand how to use a the CLI wallet. Hope you get this figured out? Good luck.


Actually want to use app cloud mining … But because of my country I have to clear level 3 KYC to use app. Only option is bank statement which I provided for level 2 KYC and got cleared but same bank statement was rejected for kyc saying more activity required …

My point is I don’t have any extra activity on bank it is what it is … how I increase it if I am unemployed and a student … I don’t use the bank much


Please i need to know if i can deposit up to $3000 worth of etn to my wallet because i only have done level 1 kyc.
Does the limit only apply to sending etn?
Or does it also apply to receiving etn?


If you deposit that you’ll have to do level 2 as your wallet value will be > 150€


I know i will need level 2 to spend it, but i’m asking if i can deposit such amount into my wallet without doing level 2 kyc.


Do you really need level 3 to even use the app? I wasn’t aware of this… what country are you in?


10k is not the reason many users have to do level 3. My wife had to do level 3 with 300 ETN in the wallet (that is the most she had, so earlier transactions can’t be the reason too). They make us do level 3 because of our location (country). It sounds like Monty python - you are creating a coin for poor and unbanked, but than ask for a proof of employment and bank statement.

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The team is just applying the European regulations, feel free to check AMLD5


European regulations are made for European union, and maybe few other first world countries. When you aim poor and unbanked (aka 3rd world countries), you can’t expect that they comply to these regulations - if they did, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be 3rd world, and their citizens wouldn’t be poor and unbanked. Don’t you see the irony in all this :slight_smile:

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ETN LTD is an European fintech company, as they are in Europe, they apply European laws, if they were in Japan, they’d apply Japanese law


Pakistan … Secondly maybe the reason is I have balance of 1000+

These 2 reasons could be possiblity why I can’t use miner … That’s why I need assistance from the team


I have in my account 10 000 etn and I am only lvl 1 bcs 10 000 its about 62 USD…