Yes, I used vpn through opera. It does not help anyway does not work.


I do not think you can use a VPN while trying to access account. You’ll need to turn VPN off and refresh page. You may need to clear cache. Can you clarify this @Rachel @BegaMutex @Corentin


As far as I know. Using vpn while accessing your account does not work


I tried with vpn and without it still does not work, what’s the problem?
Who dealt with this problem?


Did you check that your browser is not blocking coockies maybe. That can also have an affect for the button not to show up


Finally, the wallet earned


So it is working for you now?


Can you give us an update? Are you saying you got it to work? If so please explain what you had to do. Thank you :wave:


I have similar problem, and its been 3 weeks. I cant access the tabs . I tried using mobile app, mobile browser, chrome, opera and windows browser. It seems like you are having problem at back-end.


Please see post here


please let me know how I can complete KYC Account Level 3 - Source of Funds.
I’m crypto freelance and investor, working for myself, so no any document about it.
Also, I don’t use bank service.
What to do now?

Best regards,

Zeljko Bozic


You must have some type of Source of funds. Are you only using cash?


KYC and AML FAQs try looking here first , if the information you need is not here contact @rachel for assistance … thanks


my level 3 document is 2 pages and therefore 2 jpgs how to I upload multiple files. I can zip them together but your system does not allow me to upload a zipped file.


It must be a JPG or PNG.


I had a 2 page bank statement but just sent the page with my name,address,etc. It worked.


So how do I upload 2 jpgs


You just upload the first jpg with your Info on

This info is important:


Thank you for replay.,
I’m full time crypto freelancer. I’m living on crypto and I just use service of cryto/FIAT exchange company im my town.
It means:

  1. No payslip
  2. No letter from employer
  3. No recent bank statement.

Any other alternative left?


Have you considered switching over to the cli wallet? Might be a good option for you