Because we need to process tier 2 and tier 3 users first.


Ok. You will only process my level 2 KYC application ones all tiers (level 2 & 3) are processed, am I right?
But you will process my level 2 application even if I hold ETN that is within level 1 only?
Thanks for the clarification.


Hi folks, I did level 2 KYC with no issues at all. Submitted my level 3 documents almost two weeks ago but it is still “pending”. Is this a normal timescale for level 3 please? I’m thinking about moving my ETN from the exchange to my paper wallet on here, but due to the value of my holding I’ll need level 3 so I’m quite keen to get it approved.



When you applied for level 2 verification, you were already holding more than £150 of ETN?


No, I have zero in my ETN wallet and always have - I’ve always held 100% of my ETN on the exchange.


@Rachel do I need to raise a support ticket for this? Thanks.


Eso me pasa a mi desde el 9 de enero


Tengo el mismo. necesitamos hacer algo


A few people have reported this. The team are investigating.


I’ve been emailed that I’m approved for lvl2 week ago, but it still shows only level 1, and I can’t access my wallet.


No QR Code on the Electroneum Website


I just received a mail saying my KYC Level 2 has been unlocked. On the Electroneum website, it asks me to UPLOAD YOUR YOTI PROFILE.

However, there is no QR Code on the website.

How do I Upload my YOTI profile without a QR Code?

Look forward for the solution.

Thank you!




I’m just wondering if someone will answer my question, the one I’ve repeated 3 times, but without anyone acknowledging they even saw it? So, to repeat it for the fourth time: why there is message that my account could be affected by temporary or permanent withdrawal of access, even though I have level 3 KYC completed? The message is shown when I log to Web wallet.

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I am an investor from india, i bought your tokens during the ico last year. Yoti app isn’t accepting my passport. Help me get verified.


Please take a look at the first post of this thread.


hi i completed level 2 by submiting documens directly to etn site after 2 weeks i got email that my documents is accepted and i unlocked level 2 but still my wallet is not ticked level 2 why?pls help me


i submited level 2 directly to etn site aftefr 2 week i got email frm etn team my documents is accepted and now i unloked level 2 but still my wallet is not ticked on level 2


It did not help me. What to do


Tell me please who will send me the second document. I can not do anything from your site. Please give me an email to send you a document.


Documents are uploaded via or yoti. Not via email.

Please read the FAQs above if you are having an issue with either of those.