Since this is third time I’m asking the same question, I’ll ask @BegaMutex and @Rachel directly - why I’m still getting message about possible permanent withdrawal of access to my account, even though I have level 3 KYC completed?


I have already passed the verification but my account is still not available to me. What do I do to help?


Maybe you need to verify your KYC level 2 or 3…


You need to upload a second document to pass tier 2.


Where to download. I have no menu, no description of what needs to be done. I turned to you in support of this. This is all that on the screen nothing else appears even in the settings does not go.


I updated so many times you are telling ticket has been updated.after that nothing happen.

i couldnt see my electroneum balance.i am stucking in trouble i need to solve my problem.immediately.i have 50,000 etn in my wallet resolve my coin kindly help get the coin

now 2 nd level verification it is showing import your yoti profile but i cant see the option to import yoti profile option. when i click setting option again it is showing same is not redirected to proper page solve my problem. help me to get back my electroneum.


I have the same problem. I have been trying to explain this for 2 weeks already, but no one can help me.


Please send me a screenshot of this


I don’t understand why my account on has level 1 and I cannot use my wallet but I already uploaded my driver lisens for level 2 and got approved by email???:japanese_goblin:

We have reviewed a supporting document that you uploaded to []( which has now been approved.

This has now unlocked level 2 of your identity verification.

The Electroneum Team.


The same thing in any menu use.


Please clear the cache ctrl + f5


i click setting option but not showing yoti profile option.i couldn;t see my balance .please help me.


Unfortunately, it did not help. I tried to go from another browser, the same does not work. What to do please help


You got something done? I have the same problem.


I have the same problem, trying since 3 days and already cleared the cache but nothing happen it is not opening setting page…


glitch or something wrong with the website…


I send my driver id and get notification " that it’s accepted" and level 2 unlocked but when i login t my account , i can’t see "level 2 complete " and can’t continue the process of level 3

Recent bank statement( as a i can see in level 3 ) , I already prepare but can’t upload.

Note : Yoti is not currently available in my country’s playstore

so please if we can do level 3 like level 2(in site because yoti is not currently available in my country’s playstore

Thank you


Have uploaded my ID for level 2 verification last December 28, 2018. Until now it is still Pending… Do I need to raise a support ticket??


You are not required to do tier 2 or 3 so your documents are not prioritised by our system. We will process your document soon.


Why I am not prioritised by your system Maam?
My cousin is planning to send me big amounts of ETN and if received I will be required to do level 2 or 3 as the case maybe… That’s why, as early as December 28 I applied for level 2 so I will be approved early to avoid any inconvinience ones I receive those ETN.
Kindly, please consider… Thank you in advance @Rachel and to the team!