Well no, as that would be incorrect. The section above clearly outlines the details for the small percentage of users who need to complete a higher level than their usage/holdings require.


WHEN COMPLETING TIER 1 YOU MUST PUT YOUR FULL NAME; NOT INITALS. If you do not do this then your ID will be rejected.


IMPORTANT - If you are sending in a document that isn’t in English please HIGHLIGHT YOUR NAME AND THE DATE so we can process your documents faster.


" WHEN COMPLETING TIER 1 YOU MUST PUT YOUR FULL NAME; NOT INITALS. If you do not do this then your ID will be rejected."

I was so stupid as to do exactly this… can you just reject my kyc so i can redo tier 1 and 2 again please. or can i modify it myself somehow? i see no options.



Neither of those is the case. I am not from on of the countries on the list provided above, and am resident in the EU. I created tickets, but they are auto closed by your support guys with generic “read the faq”, I have!

Please help and clarify!


Hi guys im from Iran and i complite First and i cant access to my account
all over my account just show me this pic:

and i cant access to yoti either
because im from Iran :frowning:
i have 30k etn in my wallet and i cant do anything :frowning:
what should i do? plz help me


My bank account is in persian and it has address .
Is it accepted?
Should i translate the address myself?


I have less than 150$ worth etns but i have to complete level 3 because of my country.
But i may not be able to provide official documents for this level because i have no job.
I verified level 2 by the way.
Now i want to know if it is possible to transfer my etns to an exchange?
My account is locked now.


After finally being able to do level 3 KYC (even though I’ve never had nor transacted over 150€ of ETN) and sending all the documents, blood of the virgin, bat’s eye and quasimodo’s left crutch I’m still getting this message when I log to my account: " Your wallet may be subject to limitation / disruption including permanent or temporary withdrawal of access according to regulatory requirements.". What else should I do so my wallet is not subject to disruption or withdrawal of access? Donate my kidney?


Please highlight your name and the date and you won’t have to translate it. It would be helpful if you did.


Hi, I have a problem with KYC because I can not add My russian passport to Yoti account for account level 2 and 3. I already completed level 1. Сonstantly I have a message your passport has not been added. Can you help me with KYC verification because I can not use my wallet and it artificially restricts my rights to use my funds on the wallet.


Dear Team,

I have submitted my Passport as Document and filled all my details in that form for KYC registration but it is still showing in pending, I am on 2nd level that’s why I can’t see my balance in my wallet, please help me out in this matter. How much time it will take to get approved?




Any of the ETN officials have an answer to this? Why there is a warning that I might get permanent withdrawal of access to my wallet even though I have completed level 3 KYC?


It clearly says in the FAQ’s above. Please read them as it will answer a lot of questions you may have.


A question that many people have:
As an Iranian if i am only level 1 verified, can i ask support.electroneum to transfer my etns to an exchange?because i can not access to it now.
(My wallet is locked now, and my balance is less than 150$)


Why nobody answers how I can get the second and third level, if Yoti does not accept my Russian passport?


Hi, you need to go through our site. Do not use Yoti.


Hi, thank you but how can I do this through your site? where are the instructions? I go to and they immediately offer me to get level 2 and 3 only through Yoti…


Please log out and log back into your account, and you will not have to go through Yoti.


Thank you! I uploaded my driver lisens for level 2.