If only we could have basic KYC / Citizen verification in our elections here in USA :slight_smile:


Hi could you please replay for my messages ?


If you are required to do tier 3 then you must do it to access your account on my.electroneum. It is non-negotiable.


Hello, so here’s a summary of my current problem.
I’ve been using the mobile miner for a few months and it’s been going quite well so far.

Yesterday, I was suddenly prompted to share more information, so I guess it’s for the kyc.

I’m a Canadian citizen living abroad in Taiwan who works online and gets paid digitally via a Chinese chat app (we chat). I’ve done level 2, but I’m really not sure how I can do level 3 (or why it’s required to run the mobile app… I have like 430 ETN). So I’m not sure how I can show physical proof of funds when I don’t have any physical bank statements to show for my Chinese bank… I simply get paid on the app, withdraw to my Chinese account and then withdraw it at an ATM in Taiwan whenever I need money.

As far as Canadian bank statements… I don’t really receive paper statements anymore… All I can currently show is a letter from one of my banks informing me that I’ve changed my pins (it shows my name and Canadian address on it, but nothing about the actual accounts). I can provide screenshots if necessary, but I’m not sure how I can provide physical proof.

Also, why can’t I access my wallet? Because I’m not level 3? Seems a bit ridiculous that my wallet is essentially shut down because of the kyc?




I think it may well trouble / upset people that you seem to have one set of official / public requirements for Levels (e.g. Level 3) but apparently another set of “in-house criteria” which means that people end up being required to complete levels higher that they very reasonably concluded they needed. And then when people query the discrepancy “you” just say, “it’s non-negotiable”? :thinking:

One possible conclusion of course is that it might all perchance be down the AML lists you/your algo(?) might be working with, but perhaps the narrative could be/should straightened out somehow…?


Speaking of ETNs KYC, why do we need to put job title and company name? My wife is unemployed, but she used android miner and collected about 900 ETN. Now KYC asks for info she does not have. And not only my wife, unemployment rate is over 60% here. Is it obligatory to be employed to have ETN? Richard talks about unbanked and third world countries all the time, but then you need to be employed to pass KYC?


I would suggest you put “N/A” davorf if unemployed. It would only be relevant if your wife’s account was looking at level 2 or 3 amounts of ETN.



she completed first part, with document ID, but now it asks for utility bill too? She’ll put N/A for job title and company, but would it be ok to send mobile phone bill as document. That’s the only utility that’s on her name? Or should she send one with my name on it?

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Does anyone know if people from Serbia have to finish level3 because i can not start the app or use the wallet online? I just need to get the bank statement for past year and thats it? (On that bank statement there wont be the info when i was buying ETN because that was from my Crypto wallet not deposited from Bank.)


Hi, I have completed the level 1 and 2 verification. I do not hold and have not used more than 10,000 Euro worth of ETN in the last 3 months (or ever come to think of it).

Although, when I go to my account I see the following message:

Your account has now reached the level 3 threshold which means we are now legally obliged to ask for a proof of funds document.

Unless the value of ETN increases substantially I don’t think I meet the level 3 verification criteria at this stage.

Is this just a standard prompt after completing level 1 & 2? Or is there another reason?



look like a lot of confusion here…please give me clarification, why i need to verify to level 3 if my etn is small amount…do i miss something?..i already level 2 but cant open my wallet.


See below please, there is explanation in the original post.


yes even last 3 months but still below 10k euro… I am from Malaysia…so I need to verify level 3?


Similar situation for me. Under the 10K worth of ETN hold/use in last 3 months. Not from the countries mentioned. Complying with T&C (to best of my knowledge) yet account indicates is at level 3 threshold and asks for proof of funds document. Happy to provide necessary documents for verification (provided level 1 & 2 verification well in advance) but must admit I am not sure why salary or bank documents are needed at this point. Unfortunately, I don’t think the reference back to previous info fully clarifies, so any additional assistance or explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance…


I don’t have any type of docouments from lvl 3 what can i do… i’m holdin alot of coins , if i don t have options i’m gona send all my etn to kucoin or cryptopia… someone help me please


@greenant please look at this thread it may have some answers…


@BegaMutex @Rachel @Corentin can you help

sending all coins to an exchange is dangerous as im sure you know . so wait for some replies on here before you do.

KYC level 3 requirements

from the post

"Source of Funds Document

Your document should be less than 3 months old and will be used to verify the information that you have already provided.

We can only accept photos or scans of your document in the following formats: PNG & JPG

We can accept the following types of documents:

  • Recent payslip (or recent accounts if self employed)
  • Letter from employer indicating salary
  • Recent bank statement

ive asked mods, team to assist . @tino93 someone will help you . if they cant assist you here try the support ticket option… via


When does this actually take effect? It did not occur on 27 Dec.


My mobile mooning no open I am complete level 1 and level 2 pending…please. .help. …thanks


it is better to say that everyone need to verify until level 3 *compulsory…no matter how many etn you have… not is you wish to upgrade:grin: