That’s why I keep on reaching out to you and to support because I need to do tier 2. I better be ready now before they implement KYC. I better be ready now even if I don’t need it yet, rather than doing tier 2 in the future when I will need it because it takes so long for issues like this to be resolved. That’s why I need to do it now.


Hi! I would like to get level 3 of KYC verified but I am a full time student at the moment and don’t have any regular income or a paycheck to show. Is there anything I could do to get verified?


To those concerned with Yoti they’re going through some massive upgrades that will make verification much easier for everyone. Thanks again to @PrestoCrypto for sharing this article, don’t mind me tagging you a few times haha, just want to make sure this gets to the widest possible audience.


Hello @elgarsofficial I will try to assist you, this is requirements for level 3 verification. To me it looks like your best option at the moment is a bank statement. Thank you for your patience.

Level 3 : Your document should be less than 3 months old and will be used to verify the information that you have already provided.

We can accept the following types of documents:

  • Recent payslip (or recent accounts if self employed)
  • Letter from employer indicating salary
  • Recent bank statement

Details that confirm your name, current address and identity should remain non-redacted and legible.

It can take up to 10 working days for documents to be reviewed.


I’m living and working in Japan but I’m Turkish.
How do I proceed for Level-2 and Level-3 access?
My Passport (from Turkish Gov.) have no address info. field.
My Residence ID (from Japan Gov.) contains my address but in Jap. characters.
Bank statements are all in Jap. char.
I have no utility bills with my name (anyway it’s also Jap. char.)
I have monthly salary statement from company but it’s also Jap. char.
Please let me know how do I proceed?


Read the beginning of this thread to see what applies to you and proceed accordingly. If you have issues I will try to assist. Thank you for your patience they’re working on a easier way.


I read the instructions.
Reached as level-1 but level-2 cannot be approved due to my uploaded document is not accepted. I uploaded my (TR) Passport, (JAP) Residence ID card, (JAP) Bank statement. Nothing changes. All were refused by ETN admin.
Normally in Japan “Residence ID” card is enough to prove your name, photo and address all in one document.
Sometimes Health insurance card is enough but it has no photo.
I don’t know how can I go further now?


They are working on a solution. We should see an update soon to make it easier for everyone to be verified. Thank you for your patience.


I uploaded my bank payment info of my salary and it was rejected. Reviewer’s comment:
The document that you uploaded is not in our list of documents that can be accepted.
Can’t understand what should I upload then.
Document that I uploaded contains my name, bank account number, date, company name, company bank account number, the reason of the payment (salary). What’s wrong?