I have the same problem, I am from Paraguay, I opened a ticket the electroneum support and they send me to this page and they close my ticket. Here is not the solution to our problems. The basic level of Yoti asks for your address, in my case we do not use a passport, so I can not continue the process, as they say, if you scan the qt code of my electroneun profile with the Yoti app, it automatically asks for my address, I do not know what to do.

Excuse me if my English is not very good


Yeah…unfortunately no solution to our problems. I have not found any solution and support told me it is an effective problem to deal with “in the future”. I have sent all my electroneum to a paper wallet as the 12th of november is approaching and I do not want to loose the freedom to move my funds without restrictions. As you point out, my documents as yours are perfectly legal, so this is unacceptable. I have learned to use CLI (command line interface wallet), only solution to be free. But, well, not exactly in the direction of mass adoption I would say. I am very upset about Yoti and the choice Electroneum did to have chosen a solution for KYC that is not inclusive for all and moreover that cannot deal with exceptions. I have already made clear my statements with ETN support, basically if there was no CLI I would have sold all and moved on to another project. It cannot be my problem if they have not a solution. If they ask me to be KYC compliant and they impose limit on the usage of MY money, well they have to find a solution BEFORE imposing that limit. Just my 2 cent as an investor.


I think it’s a joke, I went back to open another ticket with my problem and they automatically sent me back here.

Really I do not know how it would affect me, because in addition to hold my ETN, I am also a miner for several months.

Too bad, the Exchanges make their KYC so easy and for anyone, here this Yoti only limits and they do not give solutions.


I have the same problem, what country are you?


Hola, seria bueno que muestres la pantalla de error que aparece, así te podríamos ayudar


Your wallet may be subject to limitation / disruption including permanent or temporary withdrawal of access according to regulatory requirements.


hello! sorry if my question is in the wrong topic but can someone tell me when is the last day for KYC?



For those of us having problems completing level 2 KYC, we just got an update posted from Electroneum I thought would be good to add to this thread. This was just shared this morning.


Please can you assist? There is no link “Complete Signup" on my Electroneum page? Thanks


Hi, I don’t have any bills or statements from the last 3 months as I do everything online. I tried uploading my driving license as it says above other forms of ID will be accepted. I received an email back saying it was rejected! Don’t really know what else I can do?


I do not know how much easier they can do, for weeks I have been wanting to go up to level 2 and I can not, because they do not accept my identity documents, the Yoti system is very complicated, because they did not use another methodology that is easier and more inclusive.


Guam is one of the countries Yoti is not accepting documents from. Please add Guam to Yoti as I can complete level 1 only. I had to withdraw my coins from the Electroneum wallet and deposit into Kucoin exchange due to being stuck on level 1. Please add Guam to Yoti so I can complete KYC. Thank you.


Hi from France,
-> I tried to complet the Yoti KYC process but my French National ID shows a validity date as 2016-08-24 and legally the real validity date of the card is 2021-08-24.
-> Please note that in France since January 1st, 2014, the period of validity of the National Identity Card passed from 10 to 15 years WITHOUT any change on the concerned documents.
-> I went to the Policy Department here in Paris and I am not able to renew my ID Card before the end of the new validity date which is 08-24-2021.
-> So my ID Card IS valid in France and Yoti rejected it. Yoti also rejected my Driving License because it is a paper document. In France this document is valid too.
-> So I can not use my National ID nor my Driving License. I do not know how I can register with such closed conditions from Yoti. Can you please help me about that blocked situation?

Thank you. Regards.


Guys for India, how to complete t2 And t3 level kyc




I fiimished level 1 succefully, now i am stuck in level 2…i tried many times to upload a picture in yoti of my passport but always give me the following message “your passport was not added” even though the picture was taken properly.

Kindly help me to complete this step.


You said I don’t need to do level 2 and my account is only required to do level 1. However, under the KYC and AML FAQs, it says that level 2 is required if I wish to use over 150€ in a 3 month period. I will be using more than 150€ in a 3 month period. That is for sure.

This is from the link that you mentioned earlier –
"Level 2 is required if you wish to use over 150€ in a 3 month period (but up to a maximum of 10,000€).

Level 3 is for those using above 10,000€ (unlimited €) worth of ETN within a 3 month period."

I want to believe that I only need to be level 1, but the KYC FAQs states otherwise.


Hi, you only need to do the tier that is required on your account. If you send more than that amount then you will be required to do tier 2.



I logged into my account to do the first level of KYC, but I noticed that it says that I must have documentation with the same country that I reside in, etc… I have all of my documentation for where I live now but I don’t plan on selling or using my Electroneum for a very long time so I don’t want to do full KYC until I move to Puerto Rico which I plan to move to sometime next year… What should I do in this case? I don’t want to have issues next year when I try to verify my KYC and I’m then living in Puerto Rico with Puerto Rican identification and no longer have U.S. State Identification.

Thank you for your help!