Log in to your online wallet, and then go to Settings > Profile.


Also stuck with level 2. Same problem…


I am from India. Sorry but there was no delightful service from etn support. I raised a ticket and provided my passport details. Ticket was closed after 5 days without descriptive comment.


Yes I am in New Zealand and got a poor response too and then they closed the ticket. Also can’t use drivers license for yoti, so am stuck for the moment.


I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and still waiting yoti/electroneum to solve this. So either fix this or extend the period for KYC validation. When it was needed to buy electroneum in ico phase u helped me on all way to buy electroneum from Bosnia and now when i need to confirm u do nothing. Thank You


Please comment here Yoti address issue - Bosnia and Herzegovina


How to verify tier 3 in case you are not working? I do not have documents confirming the source of income.




I wrote a question for you (yesterday) but I haven’t received any answer yet.

Could you please check and kindly advice?



@Rachel please help, i haven’t receive any response from you or from other user that is related to my problem… Please help


i’m just wondering why my payslip used for Level 3 has been declined.

in the reasons in the mail, they mention:
“Reviewer’s comment:
Amounts must be clearly visible on document
Your source of funds document should be less than 3 months old.”

Now the payslip was from September 2018, so less then 3 months old, and then, on we can read that:

“Details that confirm your name, current address and identity should remain non-redacted and legible”

but is not mentioning that i cannot redact/hide my salary figures.
So why is this info needed? why ther instructions tells me i can redact and remove this sensitive data (as long as my name/address are visible)?

this info sounds all contradictory to me…


Ok, i tried everything

  1. installing yoti, creating identity then scannig QR(after that i deleted my yoti account).
  2. scannig QR from website using scanner app(not yoti), creating identity (after that i deleted my yoti account).
  3. logging in website wallet in my mobile browser and using yoti button to create identity.
    It always requires passport to verify my adress, i need option to upload ID or drivers licence, also i am from Czech republic that means EU, so i dont understant why i cant use my ID or drivers license.
    What should i do now? last thing thats left is using CLI wallet and not doing your KYC becouse its apparently not working as intendet, any ideas?


@Rachel and to everyone who can help

I recently contact Electroneum support regarding some questions that I have and they answered me to write here for anything I may need.

Here, I wrote my question few days ago and nobody has answered. Do I make something wrong? or just Electroneum support is so bad? Is there any possibility to ask what I need and take a responsible and official answer from an Electroneum team member?

Kindly advice.


You only need to do level 3 if it required. You are not required to do level 3, and you haven’t done level 2 yet. Your account is only required to do level 1, which you have completed.


If you are doing level 3, then we must see the amounts. If we cannot see the amounts then we cannot grant you level 3.


You must make sure you scan the QR code on my.electroneum


@Rachel update on this please


No, you can’t do it without Yoti. It is the first step.


@Rachel I already scan QR Code multiple times ma’am. Nothings happen. When i go back to yoti app it require a passport or drivers license again.


My question is a little bit different.

I wish to do KYC level 3 now because if anytime the value of ETN will be over 10,000 Euro I want to be able to transfer them immediately.

From my understanding, the ONLY amount that I have to show “proof of funds” anytime is EURO 600 (my initial investment in Electroneum). Any other amount higher than that should be estimated as profit.

Concluding, why in my case I have to do level 3 in order to trasnfer ETN with a value of more than 10,000 EURO as the only proof of funds I have to provide is 600 EURO?

Kindly advice.


You should only do the KYC level you are required to do. Please only do level 2 and 3 if your account is required to.