KYC/AML Is this a bar to Mass Adoption of ETN?


How can ETN ever be mass adopted ?

I have contacted ETN support and Yoti for over 3 weeks.

I am a Canadian and have a valid Official Government issued ID from our Ministry of Government and Consumer Services which is specifically provided to those millions of us who do not have a drivers license and it is specifically to be used for banking, KYC/AML.

The government of Canada states:

" An Ontario Photo Card is a wallet sized card that provides government-issued identification to those Ontarians who do not have a driver’s licence, making it easier for them to do things such as open a bank account, and perform any other activities that require official identification. "

Yet neither Yoti nor ETN have provided assistance but rather keep saying it might work (ETN - said send it to us) or Yoti "we do not recognize your Official ID as it is not a drivers license.) I also see many people world wide who have similar issues with their ID, lack thereof and can only wonder how ETN excpects to get mass adoption when they exclude so many millions and cannot even answer my questions when I am in Canada.

For your reference:

My email address is:

Regards from Canada


I don’t think it’s a bar to mass adoption and use by those in the main target markets because they will be dealing with smaller amounts of money.

But it does seem to be a problem for some users/investors with larger amounts. Hopefully third party wallets are on the way soon that provide an alternative to the official wallet and/or keeping on exchanges.


ETN - KYC/AML A possible bar to mass adoption. Perhaps I can make it more clear !
At Level 1 you can deposit/withdraw. At Level 2 you can send $150. EURO / 3 months.
Level 2 currently requires specific ID that Yoti will accept such as a drivers licence, National ID or Passport all of which must have a picture and proof of address.
Statistically a substantial amount of potential users in the un-banked countries do not have such ID’s, drive or can afford a Passport.
Accordingly the limitations set by Yoti who will not even accept my Official Government ID from Canada is clearly indicative of the problems as seen in other undeveloped countries.

I look forward to a reply.


Level 2 is if you send OVER 150 euros. Level 3 is if you send OVER 10000 euros.

The definition on under “Your Profile” is APPALLINGLY BAD AND MISLEADING.

I’m sure it used to say “Send over 150” etc but now it just says the amount.

I’m assuming it’s just a change of wording on the website rather than a change of the actual rules.


I agree the terminology has lead to some confusion. I’m pretty sure the thresholds used to be how much ETN was likely to be sent within a 3 month period but now it appears to have been updated (at least in most recent advice, forum info) to also include hold. This must be a recent change because I completed the level 1 & 2 verification steps early.


Yes, it seems to be send or hold, but the website still has not been changed although Richard said he would make sure it was sorted. No “send” or “hold” but just the amount shown, which is open to whatever interpretation you like.


The website states “usage” in the info and describes the limits. (although ill conceed those notes should be showing as default)

…the FAQs, which have been linked in most communication, are very clear.


Ah, yes, the small print… the thing is it did previously state “send or hold” or some such next next to those figures at the top of the table so removing them is a retrograde step.
I understand it fine for myself, but I’m just saying it confuses some people (and people don’t read the small print). For a 5 minute tweak they could save themselves answering a load more support tickets.