KYC / AML Explained

Indeed. I was one of them that just asked what AML is hahaha.


Go Squids! Squids are the official animal of the ETN family. We are intelligent, nimble, and delicious.

basic KYC is a picture of yourself + your phone number + voice print (read out loud 3 words)
Even the unbanked can do that, no need for driver’s license or passport :+1:

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I’m so excited about the KYC coming out i was thinking it would come Q4 but Electroneum Amazed me ones more :blush::rocket:

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if you go CLI or paper wallet and use decentralized exchanges, there is no need for KYC :wink:
if you (for some reason) want to buy stuff anonymously from i.e. Pottery Barn, i would suggest using xmr…


I am very pleased with this outcome. I like the way CLI and Paper Wallet are being untouched.


I agree @cuddlesquid i think its the best way also because the online wallet will be used for the whole ecosystem that Electroneum wants to aim for and as soon as you feel the need to transfer it over to there to buy something with ETN or sell ETN then you could still do KYC :slight_smile:

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Am trying to do my KYC but yoti app not compatible with my device … what should I do???

You could try contacting Yoti and see if they have a solution for you otherwise you will need a compatible device. For now you could at least do Level 1 verification. Your next options are CLI wallet and paper offline wallet until you get verified.

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OK. It says KYC explained. How about explaining how to do it? Sure, you said Yoti, so I got Yoti. I uploaded my license and said the words, but now what? I want tier 3. How do I do it? You’re forcing me to comply with something and you won’t even spell it out.

I got Yoti and from what I can tell, it seemed to verify everything. Now what?

Log in your account then go to profile, then settings. The rest is in there :slight_smile:

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Got it. Finally! Thanks!!!

Be sure to search through the community threads on some topics you wish to learn, we do have some basic guides to get you started.

Glad you got KYC complete! and Thank you very much, I appreciate your input.

I’ve also updated KYC / AML explained thread with KYC basic guides at the bottom. :blue_heart:

Very informativ Post. Thank you a lot for it!
ETN has a bride future!

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I am in Ontario, Canada. Canada issues a Ontario Photo ID Card (which is specifically for those of us who have no drivers licence) and it is for KYC/AML and banking. Yoti says it is not set up to accept this Official Government ID. How can ETN ever expect to get mass adoption when they cannot even process a Valid Canadian Government ID. I have been speaking with both Yoti and ETN support and they keep sending me around back to and forth.

Our Ministry of Government and Consumer Services specifically states:

" An Ontario Photo Card is a wallet sized card that provides government-issued identification to those Ontarians who do not have a driver’s licence, making it easier for them to do things such as open a bank account, and perform any other activities that require official identification. "

I have been trying to get this resolved for over 3 weeks and keep getting bad advice such as well try again and it may work this time etc.

My email is:

Like I said ETN should try to get this issue fixed as while I am in Canada with valid ID how can they ever claim to be able to obtain mass adoption when many millions of people do not drive, have passports, or their citizenship card does not have a photo thereon. My photo ID does have all the information but Yoti fails to accept it.

I look forward to your replies.

Regards, from Canada

What is CLI and paper wallet and how do I do it??

Electroneum CLI (Command Line Interface) and paper (offline) wallet are Electroneum hardware wallets.

I am so sorry for your troubles. I am a very bad person to help you with this type of situation as I do not use Electroneum mobile app for anything other then testing at the moment. Electroneum CLI and paper wallet do not require KYC and I have been using them since Electroneum launched. I will show you one link with most frequently asked questions about KYC, should you not find help on this KYC FAQ thread, and How Do I section, I will refer you to get some help from our support team, again very sorry for your troubles.


How Do I? section:

Support Ticket:

Same exact problem for me but I’m in the state of Maine in the U.S. and well over a month i’ve not been able to get this resolved. I contacted support, had a back and forth there for almost 3 weeks straight with no resolution.

I keep seeing some post that if you contact support you can get a way to manually upload ID’s but that has not been offered to me as of yet. Last response I was told to use the forum and no solutions are here either. The ones posted don’t work and I can’t get a proper solution no matter who I speak to.

The fact Yoti doesn’t accept such a widely used form of ID isn’t good at all. I did kyc for 3 exchanges yesterday alone all in an hour, all of them accepted my ID easily. Yoti has a very long ways to go to be a viable KYC tool.

I know Richard has said they’re working on another solution to work for those who haven’t been able to use Yoti which I’d assume will be available prior to November 12th. I hope it’s announced by then since I have no way to get level 2 complete.

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